2019 Tipping Point Impact Report

Last year, 1,073 people did something wonderful—and it made a difference.

Our community donated a total of $39,875,833 to Tipping Point. And because our board covers all our operating costs, 100% of those gifts went directly to fighting poverty.

Together with our grantees, we served nearly a quarter million low-income people in the Bay Area, helping them reach 24,439 life-changing milestones.

But that’s not all. We funded 61 collaborations valued at $1.7 million with best-in-class partners to help our grantees increase their impact. We raised our voices in support of our unhoused neighbors and came together as a community in our biggest event to date.

We’re doing more than ever to connect more people to opportunity. How? By fixing the systems that are making people poor in the first place. Thanks to our community, 24 parking lots are now zoned for affordable housing … thousands of low-income single parents will receive twice as much child support … and there are eight new powerful laws in California that expand support for foster youth and other young people at risk of homelessness.

We couldn’t have done this without you. And we’re so honored to be in this fight with you.

From all of us at Tipping Point, thank you.

Will Alexander

Tanashati Anderson

Nick Arevalo

Stephany Joy Ashley

Jamie Austin

Kelly Bathgate


Will Alexander

Tanashati Anderson

Nick Arevalo

Stephany Joy Ashley

Jamie Austin

Kelly Bathgate

Liz Bender

Ali Best

Brian Blalock

Jonathan Brack

Ashley Brown

Amelia Cady

Brittaney Carter

Nina Catalano

Ed Center

Alex Chan

Mona Chang

Sam Cobbs

Janeen Mendoza Cruz

Kara Dukakis

Andrea Evans

Mitch Findley

Marisa Giller

Liz Givens

Thea Hillman

Jake Hobson

Judy Huang

Chiel Hughes

Jim Hugo

Carol Kim

Vanessa Jacobson-Burns

Martha Joseph

Robert Joseph

Debbie Koski

Nina Krauter

Cathia Lan

Jason Lee

Jacob Leos-Urbel

Ken Leung

Stephanie Lewis

Daniel Lurie

Ali Maiorano

Bryan Malong

Nora Martin

Sarah McKay

Chris Meierling

Matt Menezes

Rachel Metz

Hunter Meyer

Annie Miller

Karina Moreno

Talia Nagar

Alicia Reza

Simone Santiago

Mayra Sierra

Joshua Steinberger

Becca Truitt

Maryam Uddin

Annie Ulevitch

Melissa Wang

Nic Winzey

Dedi Wong

Cody Zeger