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Impact Report 2021

Best-in-class organizations, effective leaders, and cutting-edge solutions are critical to creating economic mobility in our region. Tipping Point identifies and—with your support—invests in the solutions that will have the greatest impact.

From Investment to Impact

Last year, Tipping Point supporters stepped up to help our community turn investment dollars into meaningful impact.

Total Invested =




Early Childhood






Focused Initiatives


  • Chronic Homelessness Initiative
  • Better Futures for Foster Youth
  • Relief + Research Investments

Last year, thanks to your investment in the Bay Area…

18,507 life-changing milestones—like the birth of a healthy baby, landing a higher-wage job, or graduating from college—were reached by people to help them on a path out of poverty

40,000+ people received intensive services from our grantees like mental health support, moving into a permanent home, or attending a quality school

100,000+ people turned to our grantees for support

Investment Highlights

From rapid response grants to long-term policy initiatives, here are 10 snapshots of our work from the past year. There isn’t one silver bullet but taken together we’re breaking the cycle of poverty for thousands of people each year.

Our Impact

Despite the increase of drop-in services and the continued challenges of COVID-19, Tipping Point grantees made incredible strides to reduce poverty in the Bay Area.


8,192 people exited homelessness or were prevented from experiencing homelessness.

1,383 people who were formerly homeless remained stably housed one year after getting housed.

920 people formerly at-risk of homelessness remained stably housed one year after receiving prevention support.

Early Childhood

772 parents increased their capacity to engage with and support their young children.

485 infants born at a healthy weight.

117 parents of young children achieved educational or employment goals.

96 children fully immunized after 1 year.


1,059 high school students graduated, and 82% of students enrolled in college.

980 college students persisted after their first year enrolled in college.

55% college graduation rate from Tipping Point supported programs compared to 33% for low-income students in California.


77% of clients completing skills training programs landed jobs with wages of $20/hour+, enabling them to meet their needs.

572 graduates of employment programs serving predominantly people of color secured jobs.

70% rate of completion for clients in skills-training programs.

Building Grantee Capacity

$2.7M invested in projects to increase the impact of Tipping Point grantees.

61 tailored projects conducted in partnership with grantees to improve their services in the community.

7 grantee organizations received support to improve internal diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts like inclusive practices in the workplace and equitable hiring policies.

Research + Innovation

Supported financial assistance pilots for pregnant moms, people at risk of homelessness, and transitional-aged foster youth to understand how cash can benefit groups at critical moments in their lives.

Funded the development of a policy guide to encourage the state of California to adopt policies that benefit student-parents working towards degrees.

Funded pilot programs such as cash assistance for rent that could be scaled to combat homelessness in Oakland.

Thank You

Our board covers 100% of our operating costs, so every dollar donated goes where it’s needed most.


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The Dolby Family

Mimi & Peter Haas Fund

Bradley and Chris James

Liz and Thomas Laffont

Lyna Lam and Chris Larsen


Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation

The Anne Wojcicki Foundation


Anonymous (1)

Crankstart Foundation

Cara Cutter and Dennis Phelps

Abby and Egon Durban

The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

Amy and Bill Gurley

Nellie and Max Levchin

Susan and Bill Oberndorf

PFM Health Sciences

Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation, Inc

Mariana Gantus Wall and Doug Wall


Anonymous (1)

Adobe Foundation

Arrow Impact

Michelle Boyers

Tammy and Bill Crown

Shashi and Dipanjan “DJ” Deb

Katherine and David deWilde

Catherine and Ralph Drybrough

Priscilla and Keith Geeslin

Holly Johnson and Parker Harris

Sara and Frederic Kerrest

Mason Morfit

Katie and Matt Paige

Amanda and Chris Peiffer

JaMel and Tom Perkins Family Foundation

Eric Roberts

Leah and Ben Spero

Tamborine Foundation


Danielle and Jed York


Anonymous (4)

Carolyn and Andrew Chatham


Kate Harbin Clammer and Adam Clammer

Charlotte and Nick Giovanni


Amanda Greene

James Greene III

Beth and Brian Grossman

Michaela and Jay Hoag

Ironwood Capital Management

Kathleen and Ted Janus

Carey Lifschultz and David Stiepleman

Abby and Eli Manning

Meredith and John Meeks

Ursula and William Moffett

Jessica and Jason Moment


Stacy and Matthew Perry

Ruth E. and David G. Plant Charitable Fund


Paula and Michael Rantz


Cynthia and Bruce Sewell

Soma Equity Partners


Viking Global Foundation

Charlotte and Alan Waxman

Melody Howe Weintraub and Jerry Weintraub

Whitman Harsh Fund

Pat Wilson

Samantha and Scott Zinober


Anonymous (1)

BASE Family Fund

Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Louis L. Borick Foundation

Sapna and Brandon Boze

Joseph Camarda

Catherine and John Debs

Freedom Financial Network /

Kelly Greenwood and Jules Maltz

Katie Hall and Tom Knutsen

Puja and Samir Kaul

Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Margaret and Kevin Lynch

Kristin and David MacKnight

Amy Marks and Adam Dornbusch

Leigh and Bill Matthes

Kathleen McIntosh and Michael Covarrubias

Jennifer and Jordan Moss

Laurie and Josh Olshansky

Becca Prowda and Daniel Lurie

Robin and Jake Reynolds

Jenny and Gerald Risk

Nancy and Richard K. Robbins

Rivi and Brett Rochkind

Ariadna and Brian Ruder

Elizabeth and Andrew Spokes

Susan and Jim Swartz

Alana and David Trujillo

Grace and Steven Voorhis


Anonymous (2)

Alka and Ravin Agrawal

Craig Allison and Susan Shipley

Cori and Tony Bates

Jocelyn and Ben Blumenrose

Bright Funds Foundation

J. Scott Case

Dan and Stacey Case Family Foundation

Margo and Sunil Dhaliwal

Lauren and Matt Dillard

Elizabeth and Bruce Dunlevie

Beth and Alan Dye

Randi and Bob Fisher

Ali and Richard Fried

Michelle Gill and Brian Davis

Molly Graham and Alan Clifford


Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and Arno Harris

Anne and Jeff Howson

Brandi and Charles Hudson

The James Irvine Foundation

Heather and Jony Ive

Katherine and James Lau

Amy and Eric Liaw

Karen and Ronnie Lott

Caroline Fromm Lurie and Rabbi Brian Lurie

Lurie and Vogelsong Charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada

Tara Mark and Geoff Oltmans

Rashmi and Varun Marya

Rina and Gary Meltzer

Jenny Baxter Moser and Matt Moser

Jennifer Moses and Ron Beller

Hadley Mullin and Dan Kalafatas

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Sonja and Jon Perkins

Laura and Gregg Perloff

Shreya and Sid Ramakrishnan

Melissa and Gabe Santos

Maya and Ned Segal

Silver Lake

Dorian Stone

Susan and David Tunnell

ValueAct Capital

Kathleen Van Boven

Mary and Jerome Vascellaro

Danielle and Brooks Walker

Annie and Montgomery Woods


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Jennifer and Burt Apler

Amy Banse and Joe Dworetzky

Jennifer Peak Barker Family Fund

Nancy and Joachim Bechtle

Juliet and Chip Bergh

Mikhal Bouganim

Alexandra Bowes and Stephen Williamson

Sarah Chandler and Matt Theobald

Angela and Scott Crabill

Amy Christensen Curby and Drew Curby


DivcoWest Real Estates Services LLC

Molly and Andrew Dodson

Douglas Durkin

Carla Emil and Rich Silverstein

Nancy and Phil Estes

Jill and Rick Fair

Laura and John Fisher

Claire and Jeff Fluhr

Shirley Sun Forbes

Gap Inc.


John and Marcia Goldman Foundation

Colleen and Bob Haas

Daniel S. Haas Fund

Catherine and Rob Hale

Gabriela and Peter Hébert

Carolen and Douglas Herst

Bixby Jamison

Natalie Johnson and Louis A. Harrison

Klingbeil Family Foundation

Mary Jo and Dick Kovacevich

Lauren and Andrew Kowal

Wanda Kownacki

Karen and Liam Krehbiel

Ruth Krishnan

Nona Lim and Derek Kennedy

Heather and Oleg Nodelman

Krutika and Rajiv Patel

Annette and Michael Pearson

JaMel and Tom Perkins Family Foundation at The Chicago Community Foundation

Ali Pincus

Lindsay and Alex Ramsay

Judith and Mike Reddig

Robert Shoes Fund

Rodde Family

Jaclyn and Dan Safier

Sand Hill Foundation

Barney Schauble

Eva and Bryan Schreier

Denise and Dave Smith

Daniel Sullivan

Ellen and Steven Taylor

Meredith and David Thacker

Abigail Turin and Jonathan Gans

Mark Wan

Abby and Jon Winkelried

Rick Zawadski

Mary and Harold Zlot


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Kathy Armbruster

Aufmuth Family Foundation

Molly and Adam Bain

Johanna and Tom Baruch

Lily and Tom Beischer

Elizabeth Bender

Ganna Boiko

Mei and Herald Chen

Melissa and Andy Cohen

Lauren Davis and Bill Heil

Katherine Feinstein and Rick Mariano

Lynn Feintech and Tony Bernhardt

Fiszel Family Foundation

Tomoko and Don Fortune

Darien and Calvin French-Owen

Brian Gartner

Stanlee Gatti

Generation 3

Corrine and Daniel Goldman

Haley and Craig Grevelding

Katherine and David Hahn

The Hedberg Foundation

Hannah Kellogg

Kessler Family Foundation of The Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

Susan Ketcham

Brook Lane and Evans Hankley

Aimee and Tjarko Leifer

Deborah Leland

Leslie and Kevin Linker

Alexander Fromm Lurie

Lavonna Martin and Sam Cobbs

Karl Matthies Fund

Katie and Justin McCarthy

Hannah W McKinley and Thomas A McKinley

Vera and Kenneth Meislin

John Meloney

Shadan and Braden More

Maryam and Oran Muduroglu

Alan Pierce

Alice and Benjamin Reiter

Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Rosekrans

Ms. Sullivan and Mr. Ross

Catarina and Andrew Schwab

Bessie and Billy Seybold

Lisa and Greg Stanger

Ann and Joe Stockwell

Sherry Suisman

Shannon and David Swift

Beth Sutkus Thompson and Blake Thompson

Sue and David Viniar

Roshun Vyas

David Warner

Lucie and Jerry Weissman

Chris and Steve Wilsey

Deborah Yeh and Mark Risher

Jenny T. Yip and Michael M. Kim

Georgia Young and Peter Duyan

Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter and Mark Zitter


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Elizabeth and Logan Allin

Sarah and Robert Blatner

Bonfire Labs, LLC

Charities Aid Foundation of America

The William H. Cilker Family Foundation

Charles Eggert

Jessica and Michael Eisler

Robert Ellis

Sophia Elson


Erin Baudo Felter

Heather and Anthony Fernandez

Caroline Fitz-Roy

Jennifer and Diego Fonstad

Michelle and Robert Friend

Kathryn Geskermann and Kai Hansen

Nancy and Richard Goldcamp

Heather and Bill Hilliard

Donna Hoghooghi and Ted Bartlett

Leslie and George Hume

I. L. Cohen Foundation

Vanessa Jacobson-Burns and Matthew Burns

Breona Jenkins

Jenny and Theo Jungeblut

Anne and Jeffrey Katz

Feralee and Charles Levin

Vanessa and Spike Loy

Paulette J. Meyer and David A. Friedman

Steven Miller

Allyson Milligan

Gale Mondry and Bruce Cohen

Meridee Moore and Kevin King

Peter Oberndorf

Dana Polk and James Borninski

Jeannette Revel-Mauro and Tancredi Mauro

Scott Rubin

Alison and Stephen Sanger

Neil Schaefer

Eric Scott

Allison and Dave Solomon

Mickey and Billy Sorrentino

Cathy and Sean Stannard-Stockton

Marjorie A. Swig Fund

Steven Tran

Julie and Tim Van Voris

Benjy Weinberger

Zev Wexler

Ryan Wilsey

Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation


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Karen Aidem

Adeel Akhtar

The Lilli I. Alberga and Laurence J. Bardoff Charitable Fund

Julie and Nathan Aleman

Noah Arthurs

Artisan Partners

Jamie Austin and Ray Schreiber

Ballast Investments

Audrey Barris and Randall Barkan

Ana Bellomo and Joshua Bloom

Luke Beseda

Oliver Bollmann

Lynne Bosworth and Kevin Kranzusch

Joseph Bota

Kerry and Chris Bourdon

Erik Bowen

Annette Brands

Bug Crowd

Amy Busch and Kevin Cameron

Geoffrey Campen

Kimberly and Josh Cannon

Dr. Christine Carter and Mark Millstein

Carol and Lyman Casey

Kate Ceremsak and Alden Seabolt

Nancy Chang

Kathleen and Michael Chui

Kimberley Corbett

Sarah Cueva

Dory Culver and Walter Nirenberg

Amanda Cundiff and Gregory Freemon

Beth and Andy Daecher

Kathleen Davisson

The Dejong and Erdos Fund

Patricia Dinner

Todd Ditto

Candra Docherty

Anthony Dorie

Stuart Douglas

Peggy Dozier

Alex Dworetzky

Danelle and Matthew Ebbel

Maria Echaveste and Christopher Edley

Betsy and Roy Eisenhardt

The Elfman Family Trust

Ashley Evans

The Fan Family

Amy and Martin Felsenthal

Carolyn Zecca Ferris

Annette Fine

Fraenkel Gallery

Front Stream

Gwendolyn Fyfe

Sissy and Ted Geballe

Ali and Sean Giese

Elizabeth and John Givens

Giving Trax

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Horizons Foundation

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The Kaplan Family

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Katherine August-deWilde

Amy Banse

Kate Clammer

Shashi Deb

Dave Dolby

Abby Durban

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Chris James

Oliver Jenkyn

Ronnie Lott

Daniel Lurie

Sean Mendy

Mason Morfit

Katie Paige

Amanda Peiffer

Alec Perkins

Gregg Perloff

Dennis Phelps

Will Rogers

Shipley Salewski

Ned Segal

Lateefah Simon

Quincy Smith

Mariana Gantus Wall

Charlie Wolfson

Jed York

Board Emeritus

Pete Briger

Thomas Laffont

Nellie Levchin

Eric Roberts

Alan Waxman

Leadership Council

Susan Blanco

Carolyn Chatham

Maria Echaveste

Michelle Gill

Nick Giovanni

Craig Grevelding

Wyatt Gruber

Arno Harris

Alex Hoffner

Brandi Hudson

Matthew Kahn

Samir Kaul

Varun Marya

Frances Messano

Jenny Baxter Moser

Maryam Muduroglu

Monica Nayar

Brett Rochkind

Brian Ruder

Gabe Santos

Jeremy Scherer

Nadir Shaikh

Dorian Stone

Richard Yanowitch


Nick Arevalo

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Ali Best

Georgette Bhathena

Chris Block

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Leslie Eme

Tony Emerson-Zetina

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