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Impacting the lives of nearly 100,000 Bay Area residents every year.

Impact Report 2022

We live in a region that believes in possibility, acts on potential, and is relentless in responding to our community’s most pressing problems. Together, we can make the Bay Area a place where everyone has the opportunity to prosper by investing in solutions that create transformative pathways out of poverty.

From Investment to Impact

Last year, Tipping Point supporters helped our community turn investment dollars into meaningful impact.








A Total of$31 MillionInvested

Last year, thanks to your investment
in the Bay Area…

93,500people turned

to our grantees for support.

45,000+people received

intensive services, like mental health support, moving into a permanent home, or enrolling in a quality school.

19,475life-changing milestones

like the birth of a healthy baby, landing a higher-wage job, or graduating from college were reached by people our grantees serve to support them on a path out of poverty.

Our Strategy for Solutions

Our multifaceted approach invests in poverty-fighting solutions to create both immediate and long-term change.


Vet the Most Promising Solutions

Our team of experts rigorously vets every investment we make, providing grantees unrestricted funding for poverty-fighting and life-changing solutions.


Provide Tailored Resources to Maximize Impact

We help organizations increase impact by providing customized support, from strategic planning to leadership development.

Investigate + Change

Influence Policy through Research + Advocacy

Tipping Point prevents poverty by investigating the root causes and changing the conditions that hold poverty in place.

Early Childhood

Providing early support to children and parents lays a strong foundation for positive outcomes throughout their lives.

of babies

Of babies born to people served by our grantees, 93% are fully immunized by age 1.

Nationally, only 61% of children from a similar socio-economic background are fully immunized.

2,253positive outcomes

for young children and their parents, such as child cognition and maternal and child health.

91%of infants

born at a healthy weight.

73%of parents

gained skills and knowledge to better support their young children.

Expanding Support for Children + Families

Creating better outcomes for children living in poverty requires both providing direct support to families and championing solutions with greater reach. Tipping Point grantee Kidango is leveraging on-the-ground expertise to create statewide impact. In addition to providing programs to children and parents, Kidango sponsored a state bill (the Childcare and Development Services Act) that has expanded access to early learning and care programs for infants and toddlers, making these critical services more easily accessible to families who need them most.


Access to quality education and a college degree opens doors to economic prosperity.

more likely to graduate college

Students who enrolled in Tipping Point-supported programs have a 58% college graduation rate.

In the Bay Area, the graduation rate for low-income college students is 25%.

5,968total students

achieved key educational milestones, such as graduating high school and college.

79%of high school graduates

who were served by our grantees enrolled in college, compared to 55% of students in California from a similar socio-economic background.

91%of college students

served by our grantees persisted after their first year of college, compared to 73% of all college students.

A Path To + Through College

For 25 years, College Track has equipped first-generation scholars from underserved communities to earn a bachelor’s degree. Through Tipping Point's capacity-building services, College Track has built robust data systems to more deeply understand the journey from ninth grade to college graduation. Today, 98% of Bay Area College Track scholars enroll in college and are on track to earn a degree each year. Nationwide, they graduate college at more than 2.5 times the rate of their demographic peers, reflecting the organization’s position as a leader in college completion.


A living wage and a quality job are essential for people to support themselves and their families.

land full-
time jobs

Of Tipping Point grantee clients in workforce programs, 88% land full-time jobs.

Nationally, 78% of those employed after leaving a workforce program get a full-time job.

75%rate of completion

of grantee clients completed skills-training programs.

81%of grantee clients

who completed skills-training programs landed jobs with wages of $20+/hour.


of programs supported by Tipping Point that serve predominantly people of color secured jobs.

A Roadmap to Securing Career-Track Jobs

A stable job is a critical foothold on the path towards economic security. Tipping Point grantees like JVS provide the support and training needed to assist on that journey. 80% of JVS skills-training program graduates land a job paying an average of $30 an hour, and are on track to increase their earnings by 91% on average within two years. For Jamice Jones, a graduate of JVS’ automotive training program and the first female apprentice automotive machinist employed by the city of San Francisco, this investment means she can afford to stay in her hometown and raise her two children in safety and with financial security. Hear Jamice’s story.

“For the first time, it feels like someone is on my side. A life full of abundance can happen for people like me who grew up in poverty—our refrigerators full, our kids happy.”

— Jamice Jones


Together, we can ensure everyone in the Bay Area has a safe place to call home.


Last year, more than 33,000 Bay Area residents did not have a place to call home on any given night.

Our work provided 6,133 people with services that either helped them transition out of homelessness or prevented them from experiencing it.

3,668people remained stably housed

one year after receiving preventative and/or housing support from grantees.

94%of people surveyed

who were formerly at-risk of homelessness remained stably housed one year after receiving preventative services from grantees.

87%of people surveyed

who were homeless remained stably housed one year after receiving housing support from grantees.

Innovative Solutions to Promote Housing Stability

In the Bay Area, one in four renters have little to no confidence they can make their next month’s rent. Through its innovative shallow subsidy rental assistance program, Tipping Point grantee Bay Area Community Services (BACS) is helping families maintain housing stability. BACS is providing over 200 low-income households at risk of experiencing homelessness in Oakland—where in some neighborhoods, rent has increased up to 90 percent—with 18 months of rental assistance, ranging from $500 to $800 per month. With Tipping Point’s support, UCSF is partnering with BACS for a long-term study to better understand the benefits of shallow subsidy programs as a tool to promote economic stability.

“Just last year my family and I were going to be homeless. We are now caught up on bills and able to secure a savings account. This program made a difference in our family goals and in keeping us housed.”

— Participant in BACS rental assistance program

Investing in Organizations Led by People of Color

With the right resources and support, organizations led by people with proximate experiences to the clients they serve can create greater impact. Tipping Point’s inaugural POC-Led Fellowship gathered seven leaders of color from across our grantee portfolio for a collaboratively designed program, providing them with professional development, peer-to-peer networking, and access to more funding opportunities. Providing grantees with the support they need is changing the philanthropy landscape and making economic mobility possible for those they serve. Tipping Point is launching a second cohort in April 2023.


Being a Tipping Point grantee has opened doors to donors and advisors it would have taken me years to reach on my own. Their investment in me as a leader of color has helped me unapologetically step out on behalf of the young people Braven serves.

— Diana Phuong, Executive Director, Braven Tipping Point grantee
Diana Phuong avatar

Targeting Youth Homelessness

Thanks to a generous initial $12M investment from Visa Foundation, Tipping Point has launched a three-year, $16M effort to address youth homelessness in the region. Our work will focus on: supporting programs that help young people transition out of homelessness or prevent it in the first place; deepening the impact of agencies that provide youth-specific homelessness services; and strengthening local communities to create stronger safety nets and sustained funding sources to support young people impacted by or at-risk of homelessness. By supporting and coordinating organizations on the ground, advocating for policy change, and providing seed funding for new approaches, Tipping Point can champion holistic approaches to more effectively put resources where they can have the most impact.


On any given night, 3,000 young people are experiencing homelessness in the Bay Area. This isn't just heartbreaking—it's unacceptable. This project draws on Tipping Point’s strength as a trusted convener, uniquely bringing together partners from across the region in the nonprofit, government, and business sectors, along with those who have lived experience with housing instability, to address and prevent the cycle of homelessness.

- Ali Sutton Tipping Point Chief Program Officer
Ali Sutton avatar

Gifts committed between July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022


  • Crankstart Foundation

  • The Dolby Family

  • Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

  • Bradley and Chris James

  • Lyna Lam and Chris Larsen

  • Max and Nellie Levchin

  • Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation

  • Visa Foundation

$500,000 - $999,999

  • Abby and Egon Durban

  • The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

  • Dennis Phelps

  • Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation Inc.

  • The Anne Wojcicki Foundation

$250,000 - $499,999

  • Anonymous (2)

    Arrow Impact

    Katherine August-deWilde and David deWilde

    Michelle Boyers

    Jordana Brewster and Mason Morfit

    Devon and Pete Briger

    College Futures Foundation

    Bill and Tammy Crown

    Shashi and Dipanjan (“DJ”) Deb

  • John H. N. Fisher and Jennifer Caldwell

    Keith and Priscilla Geeslin

    Beth and Oliver Jenkyn

    Frederic Kerrest and Sara Johnson Kerrest

    Katie and Matt Paige

    Amanda and Chris Peiffer


  • Lisa and Matt Sonsini

    Spark* SF Public Schools

    Ben and Leah Spero

    Alana and David Trujillo

    Mariana Gantus Wall and Douglas Wall

    Alan and Charlotte Waxman

    Richard Yanowitch Family Trust

    Danielle and Jed York

$100,000 - $249,999

  • Anonymous (4)

    Ryan Carlson and Melissa Winn

    Andrew and Carolyn Chatham

    Adam Clammer and Kate Harbin Clammer

    Margo and Sunil Dhaliwal

    Joelle Emerson and Aaron Levie

    Christine and Curtis Gardner

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Kirsten and Michael Green

    Jay and Michaela Hoag

    Ironwood Capital Management

    The James Irvine Foundation

    Kathleen and Ted Janus

  • Puja and Samir Kaul

    Liz and Thomas Laffont

    The Laluyaux Foundation

    Lynch Family Fund

    David and Kristin MacKnight

    John and Meredith Meeks

    Jessica Moment

    Bill and Susan Oberndorf


    JaMel and Tom Perkins Family Foundation

    Matthew and Stacy Perry

    Ruth E. and David G. Plant Charitable Fund

  • John Pritzker Family Fund

    Shreya Oswal Ramakrishnan and Sid Ramakrishnan


    Eric Roberts Foundation

    Linnea and George Roberts

    Ariadna and Brian Ruder

    Maya and Ned Segal

    Bruce and Cynthia Sewell

    SoMa Equity

    Ann and Joe Stockwell



    Andrew and Angelique Wilson

$50,000 - $99,999

  • Achieve


    Allison/Shipley Fund

    Another Planet Entertainment

    Bay Grove Capital LLC

    Ben Blumenfeld and Jocelyn Ross

    Kathryn Bojack and Ravi Mhatre

    The Louis L. Borick Foundation

    Amy Busch

    Herald and Mei Chen

    Catherine and John Debs

    The Dye Family

    Randi and Bob Fisher

    Ali and Rocky Fried

    Jon Gans and Abby Turin

    Golden State Warriors Foundation

    Pat Grady and Sarah Guo

  • Kelly Greenwood and Jules Maltz

    Steve Harrick and Jennifer Min

    Arno Harris and Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

    Heather and Jony Ive

    JPMorgan Chase

    Vinney Le and Andy Wheeler

    Caroline Fromm Lurie and Rabbi Brian Lurie

    Lurie and Vogelsong Charitable Fund

    Katie and Steven L. Merrill

    Bill and Ursula Moffett

    Jennifer and Jordan Moss

    Heather and Oleg Nodelman

    Pacific Gas and Electric Company

    Paul and Sara Recktenwald

  • Jake and Robin Reynolds

    Brett and Rivi Rochkind

    Rebecca and Tod Sacerdoti

    Gabe and Melissa Santos

    Nadir and Sobia Shaikh

    Silver Lake

    Danielle and Gil Simon

    Dylan Todd Simonds Foundation

    Andrew and Elizabeth Spokes

    Dorian Stone

    Jim and Susan Swartz




    The Wilson Family Charitable Fund

    Abby and Jon Winkelried

$25,000 - $49,999

  • Anonymous (3)

    Sabrina Adriani and Jeremy Scherer

    Alka and Ravin Agrawal

    Cori and Tony Bates

    Yves Behar and Sabrina Buell

    Benevity Community Impact Fund

    Susan Blanco and Bill Lewis

    Brandon and Sapna Boze

    Jeff and Julie Brody

    Stan Chudnovsky and Rimma Budnitskaya

    Joseph Camarda

    Ryan Clark and Caroline Gaffney

    Alan Clifford and Molly Graham

    John Clifford and Katrina Lake

    Jaime and Josh Cohen

    Brian Davis and Michelle Gill

    Lauren Davis and Bill Heil


    Ali and Nora Diab

    Jason and Sarah DiLullo

    Catherine and Ralph Drybrough

    Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie

    Kathleen Egan and Rod Ferguson

  • First Republic Bank

    Jamie and Lauren Ford

    Charlotte and Nick Giovanni

    Alex and Leslie Gleser

    Goldman Sachs & Co.

    Yael Goshen and Dylan Smith

    Jane and Wyatt Gruber / Gruber Family Foundation

    Brandi and Charles Hudson

    Hunter Family Foundation

    Jordan Park

    Justice Justice Foundation

    Dan Kalafatas and Hadley Mullin

    Kirkland & Ellis LLP

    Andrew and Lauren Kowal

    James and Katherine Lau

    Levi Strauss & Co

    The Liaw Family Fund

    Karen and Ronnie Lott

    LSP Family Foundation

    Daniel Lurie and Becca Prowda

    Tara Mark and Geoff Oltmans

    Mary Meeker

  • Jenny Baxter Moser and Matthew Moser

    Maryam and Oran Muduroglu

    The Nussbacher Family

    Alec and Serena Perkins

    Beverly Picardo, Kai and Gabriella Gibson


    Michael and Paula Rantz

    Restoration Hardware

    Susan and Michael Schwartz

    James and Kaye Slavet

    Denise and Dave Smith Charitable Fund

    G. Christopher and Shanon Smith

    Kelly and Mike Smith

    Ash and Parul Somani

    The Barry and Mimi Sternlicht Foundation

    Robert H. Swan and Sandra Swan

    TMG Partners

    Amy and John Underwood

    ValueAct Capital

$10,000 - $24,999

  • Anonymous (4)

    Nathan Aleman and Julie Aleman

    The Altman 2011 Charitable Lead Trust

    Jessie Barker

    Richard Barker

    Lily and Tom Beischer

    Leslie Berriman and Nion T. McEvoy

    Bezos Family

    Jennifer Bienaime and Josh Fiedler

    Rebecca and Iain Bridges

    Bright Funds Foundation

    Buchanan Programme and Matthew Gaarder

    Chris and Nina Buchbinder

    Kathryn Burge and Scott Eidson

    Dr. Christine Carter and Mark Millstein

    Dan and Stacey Case Family Foundation

    J. Scott Case

    Annie Coe and Arian Karbasi

    Bruce Cohen and Gale Mondry

    Angela and Scott Crabill

    Amy and Drew Curby

    Douglas Durkin

    Nancy and Phil Estes

    Jill and Rick Fair

    Jessica and Matthew Farron

    John and Laura Fisher

    Caroline Fitz-Roy

  • Mariana Fraga and Saul Kato

    Frank-Linn Family Charitable Fund

    David and Kristin George

    Corrine and Daniel Goldman

    James H. Greene Jr.

    Susan Greenleaf and Jeff Whipps

    Colleen and Robert D. Haas

    Kathryn Hall and Tom Knutsen

    Louis A. Harrison and Natalie Johnson

    Doug and Leni Herst

    Anne and Jeff Howson

    Jackson Square Ventures

    Bixby Jamison

    Mark and Samantha Keene

    Derek Kennedy and Nona Lim

    Klingbeil Family Foundation

    Dick and Mary Jo Kovacevich

    Karen and Liam Krehbiel

    Lily and Austin Leo

    Casey and Zack Lynch

    Tim and Wendy McAdam

    Clare McCamy and Harrison Miller

    Aston and Aushlee Motes


    Rohan Nirody and Soniya Sapre

    The O’Dea Family Charitable Fund

    Krutika and Rajiv Patel

    Shawn H. Pattison

    Annette Blum Pearson and Mike Pearson

  • Alexis and Hunter Pence

    David and Julia Popowitz

    Justin and Kristin Renaudin

    Mark Risher and Deborah Yeh Charitable Fund

    Nancy P. and Richard K. Robbins Family Foundation

    San Francisco 49ers Foundation

    San Francisco Giants

    Sand Hill Foundation

    Schauble Family Foundation

    Emily Scott

    Beatrix and Michael Seidenberg

    Bekah Sexton and AJ Shankar

    Bessie and Bill Seybold

    Stacey Silver and Jon Yolles

    Jessica Silverman and Sarah Thornton

    Sherry Suisman

    Daniel Sullivan

    Ellen and Steven Taylor

    David and Meredith Thacker

    Dave and Sue Tunnell

    Jerome and Mary Vascellaro

    Virtual Gaming Worlds

    Franny and Stanley Wang

    Gerald and Lucie Weissman

    Jake and Courtney Welch

    Cack and Doug Wilhelm

    Harold and Mary Zlot

$5,000 - $9,999

  • Anonymous (8)

    Chris and Kim Allen

    Ruth Berggren

    Tony Bernhardt and Lynn Feintech

    Allison and Aneel Bhusri

    Sam Cobbs and Lavonna Martin

    Martha Ehmann Conte


    Courtney and Seth Dallaire

    Colin Denman

    Chuck Doud

    Jamie Durrani and Ann Wang

    Peter Duyan and Georgia Young

    Charles Eggert


    Katherine Feinstein and Rick Mariano

    Anthony and Heather Fernandez

    John and Marcia Goldman Foundation

    Jeremiah and Josephine Gordon

    Scott Greathouse

    Carolyn and Johnny Griffin

    Michelle Griffin and Tom Parker

    Catherine and Rob Hale

    Gabby and Peter Hébert

  • The Hedberg Foundation

    Bill and Heather Hilliard

    Stephanie and Tyler Jackson

    Matthew Kahn and Abigail Stewart-Kahn

    Kessler Family Foundation of The Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

    Susan Ketcham

    Darren Kuiper and Sonia Lurie

    Jim and Shannon Lanzone

    Matt Lituchy and Lori Mazurek

    Anja and Greg Manuel

    Karl Matthies Fund

    Justin and Kathleen McCarthy

    Debra McCoy

    Hannah W. McKinley and Thomas A. McKinley

    Kenneth and Vera Meislin

    Erika and Greg Miliotes

    Mark Mirhashemi and Emily Ramey

    Muhammad and Rochelle Nadhiri

    Bill and Shannon Nash

    Kiele Neas and Bill Wolf

    Partner Fund Management

    Lisa and Travis Pearson

  • PFM Health Sciences

    Susannah Raub

    Corby and Lexi Reese

    Alice and Benjamin Reiter

    Ian Rountree

    Kostadis Roussos

    Alissa Shipper

    Lateefah Simon

    Julie Skaff

    Allison and Dave Solomon

    Cathy and Sean Stannard-Stockton

    Beth Ann Steinberg

    William Christopher Stockwell

    Brian and Katie Taylor

    Beth and Blake Thompson

    Katie and Todd Traina

    David and Sue Viniar

    VMWare Foundation

    Benjy Weinberger

    Winged Keel

    Jenny Yip and Michael M. Kim

    Chris and Stephanie Young

    Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter and Mark Zitter

$2,500 - $4,999

  • Anonymous (5)

    Johanna Abbinante and Seth Cohen

    Adelante Capital Management LLC

    Sheila Aharoni

    Clay and Kelly Bavor

    Elizabeth Bender

    Clarify Health Solutions

    Aly and Eli Cohen

    Peggy Dozier

    Em Eisenberg

    Robert Ellis

    Erin Baudo Felter

    David A. Friedman and Paulette J. Meyer

    Bob and Michelle Friend

    Ali and Sean Giese

    Nancy and Richard Goldcamp

    Josh Grau

  • Mike Gridley

    Dylan Haggart and Ahsha Merson

    Daniel and Lindsay Hayes

    Chris and Patty Hubbard

    Anne Marie and Jeffrey Katz

    J.C. Kellogg Foundation Fund

    David LaHorgue

    Charles and Feralee Levin

    Alex Mandel

    Maple Leaf Giving

    Tancredi Mauro and Jeannette Revel-Mauro

    Meridee Moore

    Margaret and Peter Munzig

    Monica and Sameer Nayar

    Jessie Rhodes and Jacob Ziemann

    William Rogers

  • Scott Rubin

    Alison and Stephen Sanger

    Ari Simon

    Eric and Jessica Spaly

    Joshua and Sacha Steinberger

    Adam Stephens

    Marjorie A. Swig Fund

    Erik S. Tarloff and Laura D. Tyson

    Steven Tran

    Tim and Julie Van Voris

    Roshun Vyas

    Kay and Sandy Walker

    Ryan Wilsey

    Kristopher Wong

    Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation

$1,000 - $2,499

  • Anonymous (17)

    Jonathan Abrams and Martine Krumholz

    Karen Aidem

    Tatyana Ali and Vaughn Rasberry

    Matt Aljets

    Dennis and Laura Allaire

    Kelly and Sig Anderson

    Gregory Andrews

    Eric Antebi

    Brooke Arena

    Mike and Sarah Atwood

    Christian and Kyle Baker

    Adam and Rebecca Ballew

    George Barry and Bonnie Carlson

    Jennifer and Nicholas Bartle

    Cheryl and Ralph Baxter

    Alexis Bechtol and Matt Sorgenfrei

    Beier-Wright Philanthropy Fund

    Maurice Tuiasosopo Bell and Frances Messano

    Ana Bellomo and Joshua Bloom

    Andrew Bender

    Doug Boake and Dyan Triffo

    Lynne Bosworth and Kevin Kranzusch

    Erik Bowen

    Matt Bradley and Kate Parker

    Annette Brands

    Caitlin and Thomas Brown

    Hayden and Ryan Brown

    Jacob Bryson

    Anne Marie Burgoyne and Brad Roberts

    Robert Burwell and Auburn Daily

    Carol and Lyman Casey

    Kate Ceremsak and Alden Seabolt

    Sarah Chandler and Matt Theobald

    Richard Chiburis

    Kathleen and Michael Chui

    Rob Clark and Margaret Hearn

    Andy and Melissa Cohen

    Chris and Georgia Collins

    Stephanie Corey

    Lisa Countryman-Quiroz

    Tori Covington

    Dory Culver and Walter Nirenberg

    Carl Cummings and Erin Gilbert

    Jen and John Cummings

    Amanda Cundiff and Gregory Freemon

    Andy and Beth Daecher

    Kathleen Davisson

    Vindya Dayananda and Matt McCabe

    Cathy and Sandy Dean

    Anita Del Grande

    Luke deWilde

    Anthony Dorie

    Stuart Douglas

    DuBose Family Fund

    Jeff Edwards and Megan Williams

    Jenni Edwards and Ben Marshall

    Allison and Jesse Eisenhardt

    Betsy and Roy Eisenhardt

    The Elfman Family Trust

    Joan Emery


  • The Fan Family

    The Alexandra and David Farber Fund

    Carolyn Zecca Ferris

    Annette Fine

    Jennifer Fonstad

    Douglas and Rebecca Foster

    KT and Michael Foust

    Fraenkel Gallery

    Fremont Group

    Elizabeth Funk

    Jonathan and Kimberly Garfinkel

    Kathryn Geskermann and Kai Hansen

    Mike Ghaffary and Sophia Yang Ghaffary

    Barry and Carla Giller

    Marisa Giller and Roger Hacker

    Lauren Goodman and Nate Tyler

    Erica and Kenneth Gregory

    Vishal Grover and Pantea Vesal

    Rita Guiliano

    Ehren and Jennifer Halse

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    Kelly Klaus and Alison Hills Family Fund

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    Josephine Holmes

    Horizons Foundation

    George and Leslie Hume

    Angela Isaacs

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    Jeff and Su Jin Jez

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    The Kaplan Family

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    Jeremy Kaufman

    Allison and Jamie Keenan

    Anita and David Keller

    RD Kern and Kendra Klang

    Janet Kodish and Dorian Newton

    Christina and Eron Kosmowski

    Sarah Kunst

    Roberto and Sarah Lartigue

    Gary and Laura Lauder

    Evan and Joan Lewis

    Xiaxing Li

    Betty Lin

    LMNRP Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation

    Boris Logvinsky

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    Linda Man and Michael Miao

    Lesley Mansford

    Phil and Sue Marineau

    Sharon Marks

    Kathryn McKinley

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    Karen McManus

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    Julie and Taylor Moore

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    Andrew and Erica Murray

    Paul and Sheila Nahi

    Erin and Matthew Niehaus

    Ryan Northrop

    Peter Oberndorf

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    Kenneth and Leola Perkins

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    Kelly and Scott Stratman

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    Blake Winchell

    Peter and Robin Winokur

    Richard Xia

    Christopher and Theresa Young

    Jessica Yu

    Kevin Zielnicki

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    Cindy Abrams

    Brett Andrews

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    Steven Artandi

    Noah Arthurs

    Jamie Austin and Ray Schreiber

    Autodesk Foundation

    Cheryl and Paul Bains

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    Kelly Bathgate

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    Gail and John Berger

    Mara Blitzer

    Gwyneth Borden and Juan Fernandez

    The Boston Consulting Group

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    Claire and Ralph Brindis

    Justin Buell

    Renee and Richard Butruce

    Victoria Castillo

    Jerde Castor Family

    Daniel Cervantes

    Li Hsiang Chang

    Nancy Chang

    Ilene Chau

    Ted Chin

    Lauren Chircus and Austen Head

    Julia Cinnamon

    Janet Clyde

    Susie Cranston and Russell Hamilton

    Danielle DeLancey and Berkeley Riley

    Verdi Disesa

    Josselyn Eccleston

  • Jose Espinosa

    Shad Estreich and Hannah Kirshner


    Cal and Tim Ferris

    Edward Garcia

    Charles Gibbons

    Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School

    Sebastian Gladney

    John Gobok

    Joel Gonzalez and Karina Moreno

    Ben and Carol Greenspan

    Marsha and Ralph Guggenheim

    Suresh and Usha Gupta

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    Sarah Herringer

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    Bridget Holian

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    Steve Kenning

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    Dina Lawrence

    Thomas Lee

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    Jason McBriarty

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    Francine Miller

  • Emily Mirro

    Cody Morgan

    Mark and Tamara Murray

    Chris Nelson and Amy Rees

    Katherine Niehaus

    Travers Nisbet


    Joe and Megan Porter

    Ayrookaran Poulouse

    Rodman Primack

    Qatalyst Partners

    Brian and Natasha Radics

    Alexis Reid

    Anna and Jorge Robert

    Jim and Jolene Rocchio

    Rohdin Giving Fund

    The Rosendaz Family

    Robert and Susan Rushakoff

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    Emilie and Jamie Sahara

    Erin Saito

    Erin and Neil Schaefer

    Anna Schneider

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    Sempra Energy Foundation

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    Beth Stokes

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    Skye Wanderman-Milne

    Andrew Westergren

    Katy and Michael Williams

    Rezuan Wong

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    Andrew Zloto

< $500

  • Anonymous (58)

    Annie Aliashvili

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    AmazonSmile Foundation

    Kristin Anderson

    Andra and Nick Arevalo

    Zoe Assaf

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    Michael Bankert

    Jan and John Becker

    Tommy Belgum

    Martin Bell

    Nicholas Bern

    Mary Bevc

    Hannah Blitzer

    Gail Block

    Lucy Boas

    Natalie Bodington

    Oliver Bollmann

    Meryl Botkin

    Erika Brink

    Dante Briones

    Erika Brown

    Megan Brox

    Erika Bunnin

    Linda and Tom Burns

    Hector Calderon

    Alan and Jamie Carlson

    Bharat and Sorina Casian

    Lisa Castaneda

    Jason Chandra

    Peter Chang

    Brooke Chaudhri

    Veronica Chung

    Eric Cicourel and Jehan Velji

    Paul Coleman

    DeLisa Conway

    Ryan Cooke

    Ricardo Cuahutenango

    Ben Davis

    Penelope Davison

    Kevin DeBastos

    Lorelei Dennis

    John Domingos and Claudine Marken

    Mary Dunbar

    Lara Ettenson

    Laurie Fabiano

    Sarah Falender

    Teresa Filice

    Alexandria Fiorini

    First Giving

    Katherine Fleeman

    Debbie and Jim Fleming

    Liberty Franks

    Katherine Frazier-Archila

    Lani and Zara Fritts

    Front Stream

    Gap Inc.

    Claire Gibson and Joe Sanford

    David Ginsburg

    Hillary Goidell

    Mark Goodman and Julie Tenenberg

    Karen Gotto

  • Dingli Graham

    Lawrenecia Grice

    Jennifer Gunn

    Lauren Gustafson

    Jason Gutstein

    David and Katherine Hahn

    Robert Hainer

    Robin Baker Hammerman

    Peggy Hammett and Rudy Lacoe

    Karen Harvey

    Amy and Kevin Hathaway

    Elizabeth Hegarty

    Diana Heppe

    Steven R. Hibshman

    Joanne Hickman

    Mary Hoagland

    Jennifer Horner

    Anthony Hsieh

    Sam Jackson

    Andrea Jones

    Christine Jones

    Eileen Jones

    Kanhere Giving Fund

    Kathrine Kartach

    Elizabeth and Max Katzenstein

    Heidi Keel

    Jackie Kersh

    Lindsay and Todd Kimmel

    Kylee Koch

    Susan Kritzik

    Henry and Judith Krumholz

    Johanna Lacoe and Jake Leos-Urbel

    Lauren LaPietra

    James Lawrence

    Kate Lazarus

    Irene Lee

    Ilene Leff

    Naomi and Rob Leonard

    Max Lesser

    Gillian and Roger Levine

    Temesa Lewis

    Ollie Lidstone

    Johanna Loacker

    Jenna Louie

    Henry Luo

    Sharon Macauley

    Bertie Magit

    Makena Capital Management

    Makiko Fujimoto

    Jim Maloney

    Ryan Marshall

    Rachel Mavrothalasitis

    Chris and Sarah McKay

    Amanda McLaughlin

    Wendy McPherson

    Boston Medeiros

    Felicity Lark-Hei Meu

    Ekaterina Milgotina

    Harold Miller-Jacobs

    Anne-Marie and Ross Morey

    Joseph Morgan

    James Morris

    Robert Morton

  • F. Lee Moulton

    Michael Mueller

    Clarissa Nantes

    Ellen Magnin Newman

    Erica Nunez

    Emilie Hipol Ongcapin

    Charlene O’Rourke

    Beth and Peter Ornstein

    Will Otto


    Chris Pederson

    Jean Perata

    Cody Phipps

    Pono Giving Inc.

    Angie and Elizabeth Powers

    Sherry Prowda

    Zach Prowda

    Nancy Prowitt

    Randy Quok

    Claudius Reich

    Dana and Todd Ross Rogers

    Vicki Rosen

    Heather Rudow

    Susan Sack

    Dave Santos

    David Saxe

    Troy Schott

    Robert Scott

    Cecilia Segal

    Bruce Seidel

    Thomas K. Seligman

    Anita Shah

    Suzie Sheedy

    Shell Oil Company

    Mark Showalter and Frank Yellin

    Spencer and Stacey Sias Fund

    Jenny Sievers

    SingleStore Inc.

    David Solow-Cordero

    The Somerville Family

    Vince Song

    Chris Songster

    David and Ethel Steinberger

    Joanne Stockwell

    Colin Stokes

    Art Taylor

    Mary Tienken and Lisa Wayne

    Carol Toppel

    Becca Truitt

    Katherine Tyler

    Annie Ulevitch

    Jo Ann Uttal-Gold

    Lena Verstappen

    Mark Vincent

    VSCO Multiplayer Team

    Marilyn Waldman

    Neal Ward

    Daniel and Elana Weinberg

    Lauren Weymouth

    Amy Woodrum

    Greg Yost

    Katy Young

    Allison Zimmerman


  • 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic

    Abode Services

    Amigos de Guadalupe Center for Justice and Empowerment

    Bay Area Community Services

    Bay Education Fund

    Bayview Hunters Point Foundation

    BElovedBIRTH Black Centering

    Beyond 12

    Beyond Emancipation


    Brilliant Corners

    Caliber Schools

    California Competes: Higher Education for a Strong Economy

    Canal Alliance

    Career Ladders Project

    Child Trauma Research Program

    College Track

    Compass Family Services

    Conard House

    Contra Costa College

    Delivering Innovation in Support Housing (DISH)

    Episcopal Community Services

    Esq. Apprentice

    Expecting Justice

    First 5 Center for Children's Policy

    First Place for Youth

  • Freedom Forward

    Gavilan College

    Growth Sector

    HomeFirst Services of Santa Clara County

    Homeless Prenatal Program


    Hospitality House


    Improve Your Tomorrow

    Insight Center for Community Economic Development

    Izzi Early Education


    John Burton Advocates for Youth



    KIPP Northern California

    Larkin Street Youth Services

    Latino Education Advancement Foundation (LEAF)

    Life Learning Academy


    Making Waves Foundation

    National Skills Coalition

    Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California

    Nurse-Family Partnership

  • OneGoal

    Opportunity Junction


    Practitioners Voice CA

    San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project

    San Francisco SafeHouse

    SF State Guardian Scholars Program

    SHELTER, Inc.

    Skyline College

    Stanford School of Medicine (Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)

    Teachers Rooted in Oakland (TRiO)

    The Education Trust

    The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program

    The Regents of UC Berkeley

    The Unity Council


    United Council of Human Services


    Upwardly Global

    Urban Alchemy

    Workforce Matters

    Year Up

    YMCA of the East Bay

    Young Community Developers


  • ABD Productions

    At The Crossroads

    Bay Area BMXers

    BBB Wise Giving Alliance

    Coalition on Homelessness

    Developing Educational Approaches for Life

  • End Poverty In California (EPIC)

    Faithful Fools


    HipHopForChange, Inc.

    Lyon Martin Health Services

  • Homeless Youth Alliance

    Rubicon Programs, Inc.

    San Francisco Community Land Trust

    Western Regional Advocacy Project

    Westside Community Mental Health Center


  • Katherine August-deWilde

    Michelle Boyers

    Kate Harbin Clammer

    Shashi Deb

    Dave Dolby

    Abby Durban

    Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

    Chris James

    Oliver Jenkyn

  • Ronnie Lott

    Daniel Lurie

    Sean Mendy

    Mason Morfit

    Amanda Peiffer

    Alec Perkins

    Gregg Perloff

    Dennis Phelps

    William Rogers

  • Shipley Salewski

    Ned Segal

    Gil Simon

    Lateefah Simon

    Quincy Smith

    Ben Spero

    Michael Tubbs

    Charlie Wolfson

    Jed York


  • Mariana Gantus Wall


  • Pete Briger

    Thomas Laffont

  • Nellie Levchin

    Katie Schwab Paige

  • Eric Roberts

    Alan Waxman


  • Mickey Arabelovic

    Susan Blanco

    Carolyn Press Chatham

    Maria Echaveste

    Michelle Gill

    Nick Giovanni

    Craig Grevelding

    Wyatt Gruber

    Arno Harris

    Brandi Hudson

  • Su Jin Jez

    Matthew Kahn

    Samir Kaul

    Lauren Kowal

    Varun Marya

    Gary Meltzer

    Frances Messano

    Jenny Baxter Moser

    Maryam Muduroglu

  • Monica Nayar

    Sid Ramakrishnan

    Brett Rochkind

    Brian Ruder

    Gabe Santos

    Jeremy Scherer

    Nadir Shaikh

    Dorian Stone

    Brian White

    Richard Yanowitch


  • Nick Arevalo

    Clare Armbruster

    Jamie Austin

    Kelly Bathgate

    Liz Bender

    Angela Bereola

    Nina Catalano

    Alex Chan

    Mona Chang

    Sam Cobbs

    Jackie Curran

    Patrick Doherty

    Kara Dukakis

    Leslie Eme

    Tony Emerson-Zetina

    Andrea Evans

    Andrea Faiss

    Chris Fielder

  • Mitch Findley

    Marisa Giller

    Liz Givens

    Janasha Higgins

    Jake Hobson

    Martha Joseph

    Carol Kim

    Debbie Koski

    Nina Krauter

    Cathia Lan

    Jason Lee

    Jacob Leos-Urbel

    Ken Leung

    Jennifer Lobre

    Emma Lundberg

    Bryan Malong

    Sam Malpiedi

    Nora Martin

  • Sarah McKay

    Hunter Meyer

    Luisa Montes

    Suman Murthy

    Talia Nagar

    Angela Pan

    Alicia Reza

    Heather Rudow

    Caressa Sanchez

    Patricia Sarion

    Mayra Sierra

    Joshua Steinberger

    Ali Sutton

    Lara Tannenbaum

    Julie Valdez

    Bing Wang

    Dedi Wong

    Leo Zambrano


  • A Better Monday

    and/now collective

    BAYCAT Studio


    Bridgespan Group

    BuildingBlox Consulting

    Cause Advisors

    Cause Strategy Partners

    Change Cadet

    Christina Garcia Consulting

    Community Wealth Partners

    Considea Consulting

    Creative Research Solutions, LLC

    Edgility Consulting, LLC

  • Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc.

    Get Social With Teja

    Inspiration Quest, Inc.

    Institute for Nonprofit Practice

    Institute for the Future

    Jane Fischberg

    Kahakulei Institute

    Leverage to Lead

    LightBox Collaborative LLC

    Lindsay Simonds Consulting

    Lisa Beth Hoffman

    Mango Strategies

    Mind Share Partners

    Molly Greene

  • Nancy Latham

    Project Evident

    Public Profit, LLC

    Redcliff Coaching

    Reflecting Justice

    Sikka Associates Inc.

    StarrWise Consulting

    Stefanie Demong

    Surge Institute

    Tess Reynolds

    Thrive Paradigm

    Venture Leadership Collective