A Portrait of Student Parents in the California Community Colleges

Tipping Point partnered with UC Davis Wheelhouse to offer a portrait of an important student population whose goals matter not just for themselves, but for their children.

Understanding College Access and Completion for Bay Area Students

Tipping Point partnered with UC-Davis to analyze data to better understand Bay Area students’ postsecondary trajectories so education leaders can better support students in earning their degrees.

The Payback Problem

Every year, hundreds of thousands of California children living in poverty do not receive all of the child support payments made by their parents. For low-income parents, most of their child support payments do not go to their children. Instead, the majority of their payments go to pay back the government for the cost of &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/news/the-payback-problem">Continued</a>

Reporting on The View from Outside

Report Features Insights from More Than 300 San Franciscans Experiencing Homelessness According to the 2017 Point-in-Time Count, almost 7,500 people experience homelessness on the streets of San Francisco each night. Over the course of four weeks, Tipping Point Community—a non-profit that fights poverty in the Bay Area—spoke to 300 of these individuals to get a &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/news/reporting-on-the-view-from-outside">Continued</a>

T Lab + ROC Project Summary

T Lab, Tipping Point’s R+D team, researches, prototypes, and tests new social services in partnership with our grantees and the Bay Area community at large. “[My need for child care has] prevented me from finding employment I’d prefer.” “I had a management position at work and I had to voluntarily demote myself because it wasn’t feasible &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/news/t-lab-roc-project-summary">Continued</a>

How Tipping Point is easing the burden on low-income drivers

Shrinking ticket fines for those struggling to make ends meet The problem For families living in poverty, any unexpected expense can jeopardize housing, health, and employment. Though we have long suspected that low-income drivers are disproportionately impacted by fines, we now have data to prove it. Thanks in part to a partnership between Tipping Point and &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/news/how-tipping-point-is-easing-the-burden-on-low-income-drivers">Continued</a>