#SFGivesBack: JP Morgan influences the next generation

Over the next few weeks, SF Gives companies are partnering with Tipping Point grantees to host a series of workforce development events, ranging from job shadow days to career panels. The events are intended to highlight the important role Bay Area companies can play in developing our local workforce. We’ll cover these events on Medium and provide insight on how companies can facilitate meaningful career-related events for local non-profits.

Tipping Point’s latest #SFGivesBack collaboration was between Tipping Point partner JP Morgan Chase and grantee Genesys Works, who’s mission is to transform the lives of disadvantaged high school students through skills training, meaningful internships, and impactful relationships. JP Morgan Chase is widely regarded as a global finance company, but it’s also a technology company. JPMorgan Chase has a team of 40,000 technologists, including 18,000 developers so, it was fitting that Genesys Works students were treated to a day in JP Morgan’s cutting edge office.

The day started with a tour of the office and a peek into the backend of the website, before JPMorgan Chase employees shared their career stories. From making pizzas, to running a bike shop, to coding bootcamps — it became clear that there is no one path to a career in tech.

“I feel like job shadow day is important because it exposes young people to careers they might not have known existed. It opens your mind to different things. You can ask people questions and their answers allow you to gain exposure that is empowering. Once you know what’s out there, that puts you a step further than someone else that doesn’t.”

~ Genesys Works student Azaj Doe’Parker said that advice from Chase employees about having a growth mindset, managing personal finances early, and being open-minded about different jobs was incredibly helpful.

“Having come from similar backgrounds as the students we spoke to, I felt proud to have a shared narrative and am eager to empower this next generation of influencers. I think it’s this diversity of background and diversity of point of view that will give us the creativity to solve really complex global problems.”

~Jackie Liao, Digital Product, JPMorgan Chase & Co, took time to share life and career advice with the students.

“For years, we’ve been proud to support Genesys Work with both our philanthropic and human capital. It was a privilege to host their incredible students, spark the joys of mentoring, and learn from our respective human experiences. We see hope for the future in these future leaders and changemakers.”

~ Rami Soudah, Senior Associate, West Region — Global Philanthropy, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

For JP Morgan Chase, this event is connected with their broader support of Genesys Works. JP Morgan takes Genesys Works interns part of their corporate social responsibility strategy.

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