Who Pays More for Less?

The Bay Area’s poorest residents face hidden costs at every turn In the Bay Area, 1.3 million residents are too poor to meet their basic needs. One in 10 families must choose between rent and groceries. Parents work three, sometimes four, jobs at minimum wage to provide for their children. The path out of poverty is &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/who-pays-more-for-less">Continued</a>

A Top Prosecutor’s Case for Criminal Justice Reform

Tipping Point’s Robert Joseph speaks with San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón about the intersection of criminal justice reform and the fight against poverty Due primarily to failed polices of the War on Drugs launched in 1971, the U.S. accounts for about 25% of the world’s total prison population, the vast majority of which is &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/a-top-prosecutors-case-for-criminal-justice-reform">Continued</a>

Finding Common Ground: The Probation Experience Reimagined

By Kelly Gregory, Luis Guzman + Laura Urquiaga, T Lab Prisoner Reentry Team The U.S. makes up 5% of the world’s total population and over 20% of the world’s prison population. Earlier this year, we published learnings from our research explaining our focus on young adults in the Bay Area. Over two-thirds of people age &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/finding-common-ground-the-probation-experience-reimagined">Continued</a>