T Lab + ROC Project Summary

T Lab, Tipping Point’s R+D team, researches, prototypes, and tests new social services in partnership with our grantees and the Bay Area community at large. “[My need for child care has] prevented me from finding employment I’d prefer.” “I had a management position at work and I had to voluntarily demote myself because it wasn’t feasible &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/t-lab-roc-project-summary">Continued</a>

T Lab Puts the R in R+D

Earlier this month, our three T Lab teams presented findings from the initial phase of their work: research into the areas of child care, pre-k education and prisoner reentry. Each team derived insights from interviews with subject experts, practitioners in the field, and low-income individuals or families with experiences related to the issues at hand. &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/t-lab-puts-the-r-in-rd">Continued</a>

Youth Returning: Great Need, Greater Potential

By Kelly Gregory, Luis Guzman + Laura Urquiaga We spent the past three months learning about the criminal justice system. Because of very high rates of recidivism among individuals aged 18 to 25 (67.7% across California; and almost 74% among 18- to 19-year-olds alone[1]), we have decided to focus our research on young adults. We know &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/youth-returning-great-need-greater-potential">Continued</a>

Making Patchwork Child Care Work for Families in Need

By Helen Lerums, Hilary McConnaughey + Rebecca Wolfe Child care is expensive for parents across the socioeconomic spectrum, but it is especially daunting for low-income families. For someone working full-time at minimum wage in California, infant care amounts to more than 63% of annual income. For the last few months, our team has been researching the &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/making-patchwork-child-care-work-for-families-in-need">Continued</a>


Last month, Tipping Point’s R+D pilot program, T Lab, welcomed nine new Problem-Solvers to focus on some of the Bay Area’s most challenging issues — childcare, early childhood education, and the re-entry of formerly incarcerated people back into society. Over the next five months, the Problem-Solvers will work closely with Tipping Point grantee leaders, experts in design, &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/meet-our-new-t-lab-problem-solvers">Continued</a>