Tipping Point Releases Playbook On Corporate Diversity and Inclusion

Leading poverty-fighting organization collaborates with top Bay Area companies on a guide to hiring people from non-traditional backgrounds

SAN FRANCISCO — Today, Tipping Point Community, a leading non-profit fighting poverty in the Bay Area, released The Road to Diversity + Inclusion, a “how-to” guide for creating an inclusive work environment. Based on case studies at companies such as Box, Salesforce and Adobe, the Playbook makes the case for developing “on-ramp” roles for diverse talent and provides a checklist for how to get started. The Playbook is a collaboration between Tipping Point, Boston Consulting Group and more than 15 top companies in the region.

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly pressing issues in the Bay Area given the lack of opportunities for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Nationally, only 4,000 of all computer science undergraduates identify as African American or Latinx, underscoring the need to widen the technology industry’s recruiting pipeline beyond traditional education.[1] The Playbook argues that diversity is good for business and encourages companies to rethink their recruiting efforts in tangible ways.

In San Francisco, the median income for white households is $107,000, more than double the $47,000 for African American households. “While many have benefited from our region’s economic boom, far too many have been left behind,” said Daniel Lurie, Tipping Point’s CEO and Founder. “Our region continues to suffer from widening income inequality. It is imperative that we develop more opportunities for people of all backgrounds to benefit from the Bay Area’s success.”

Since 2014, Tipping Point Community, in collaboration with Salesforce, has inspired 25 companies to invest over $10 million to fight poverty in the Bay Area. The Playbook is a collaborative effort between SF Gives contributing companies. The first chapter was published in 2015 to provide a framework for building or refining high-impact social responsibility programs.

To read the full chapter on diversity and inclusion, or view the entire Playbook, go to www.tippingpoint.org/playbook.

[1] Source: Open Diversity Data, U.S. Census Bureau, National Center for Education Statistics, BCG Analysis