Our Purpose

Companies and investors spend billions of dollars every year to develop new products, technologies and services, but far less is invested in solving social problems. With 1.3 million people living in poverty in the Bay Area, the stakes are high.

Tipping Point currently supports groundbreaking solutions in the areas of education, employment, housing and wellness that together have impacted the lives of nearly 600,000 people in need. And yet, there is more we can do.

T Lab is Tipping Point's R+D engine. We exist to research, prototype, test and build new poverty-fighting ideas in partnership with our grantees and the Bay Area community at large.


Challenge 01: Child Care

We refuse to leave so many behind so early. There are 4,000 children on the waitlist for subsidized childcare in San Francisco alone forcing parents to choose between steady jobs and caring for children. Without child care, low-income parents struggle to find and keep employment and low-income children are less prepared to enter school. How might we dramatically increase the offering of affordable, quality child care?

For more information on child care click here.

Challenge 02: Pre-K Education

We refuse to let the school readiness gap persist. Two-thirds of children from households with incomes over $75,000 attend preschool, while less than half of low-income children do. Studies show a substantial achievement gap between affluent and disadvantaged children when they start kindergarten. How might we extend the benefits of the pre-k experience to all low-income children?

For more information on pre-k click here.

Challenge 03: Prisoner Reentry

We refuse to repeat old patterns. Over the next two years, California will release 33,000 people from overcrowded prisons with no system to support them. Individuals returning home from incarceration face a difficult process of reentering society and avoiding further imprisonment. How might we intervene in the community reentry journey for maximum impact?

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