1 in 5 people in the Bay Area lives in poverty. Tipping Point screens non-profits rigorously to find, fund and partner with the most effective groups working to educate, employ, house and support those in need. Poverty takes many forms, and we believe there is no one way to fight it. Tipping Point invests in a diverse portfolio of organizations working across four issue areas in six counties.


We support organizations that produce strong academic outcomes, such as literacy, high school graduation, college attendance and post-secondary degrees.

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We fund organizations that place individuals in career-track jobs, help them retain those positions, and increase earnings over time.

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We partner with organizations that connect individuals and families to stable housing, and provide services such as employment, wellness and case management.

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Early Childhood

We invest in organizations that provide early literacy and positive parenting supports to families with children ages 0-5, helping lay a strong early childhood foundation for positive outcomes later in life.

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