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We impacted the lives of 90,000 residents last year alone.

Transforming Lives Across the Bay Area

Tipping Point is committed to building a Bay Area where everyone can prosper. Last year, our investments funded life-changing services in housing, early childhood, education, and employment for nearly 90,000 of our neighbors across the Bay Area. These milestones are just snapshots of our impact over the last year.

Snapshot on Housing

Ensuring everyone
has a home.

9,205 people housed

We invest in solutions that move people experiencing homelessness into safe, stable housing and prevent homelessness in the first place. 

Our work provided 9,205 people with services that either helped them transition out of homelessness or prevented them from experiencing it.

snapshot on Education

Expanding pathways
to college.

57% college graduation rate

Students who enrolled in Tipping Point-supported programs have a 57% college graduation rate.

Despite serving students with higher needs who face more barriers to graduation, our grantees successfully matched the statewide graduation rate.

snapshot on Early childhood

Providing early support for children and parents.

93% of babies immunized

Of babies born to people served by our grantees, 93% are fully immunized by age 1.

Nationally, only 61% of children from a similar socio-economic disadvantaged background are fully immunized by age 1.

snapshot on Employment

Increasing access to
livable wages.

77% job training completion rate

Of our Tipping Point grantee clients in workforce programs, 77% successfully complete their training.

For similar programs in California, 54% of people finish their job training.

Our Impact

Together, we can make the Bay Area better for all of us by investing in solutions that create transformative pathways out
of poverty.

Achieving Impact in the Bay Area

We are data-driven, holding ourselves accountable to support individuals today, and strengthen nonprofits and solutions to increase impact tomorrow.

Impacting Individuals

Funding organizations that directly support people facing poverty right now, creating immediate pathways out.

Impacting Organizations

Supporting organizations and leaders doing the most effective, promising, equitable work to fight poverty.

Impacting Systems

Advancing the policies and conditions that create prosperity.