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Building community is at the heart of our organization.

Meet Our Team

Our passionate team is made of our staff, Board of Directors, and Leadership Council. We rally together to support our grantees in creating a Bay Area where everyone can prosper.


Our team of experts cultivates community with nonprofits, cutting-edge leaders, partners, and our community at large.

Board of Directors

Our Board covers fundraising and operation costs, so that every dollar donated supports the most promising poverty-fighting solutions in the Bay Area.

Leadership Council

Working closely with our Board and staff, Leadership Council members help build awareness, strengthen our donor base, and provide strategic support for Tipping Point and our grantees.

Sam Cobbs, Tipping Point CEO

A national policy expert with more than 20 years of leadership experience in the nonprofit field, Sam Cobbs has been CEO of Tipping Point since 2020.

Through its comprehensive model, Tipping Point acts as a force multiplier in advancing solutions to poverty. Not only do they fund best-in-class organizations, but they also have deep expertise in early childhood, education, employment, and housing and work closely with leaders to widen their impact and promote lasting change. By leveraging the work of a broad spectrum of grantees and partners across sectors, Tipping Point achieves far more than any nonprofit could alone.

Samir Kaul, Founding Partner, Khosla VenturesFormer Tipping Point Leadership Council member

Tipping Point’s commitment to gratitude, accountability, and equity are vitally important for building partnerships that are changing people’s lives and systems day in and day out. It feels good to be part of a community that believes everyone in the Bay Area deserves a chance to prosper—and is taking bold action to make it happen.

Brandi Hudson, Community Leader + Advocate Tipping Point Leadership Council Chair