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Bay Area Business and Community Leaders Launch Band Together Bay Area to Support North Bay Fire Relief

PUBLISHED: Oct 25, 2017

Benefit Concert on November 9 at AT&T Park to feature Metallica, Dave Matthews, G-Eazy and more

Tickets to go on sale Friday, October 27 at 10:00 a.m.

SAN FRANCISCO (October 25, 2017) — In response to the North Bay firestorm — the most destructive and deadliest firestorm disaster in California history — a coalition of Bay Area business and community leaders are launching Band Together Bay Area to support the local relief and long-term recovery in the region.

To support the relief efforts, Band Together Bay Area has raised an initial $6.5 million from partners and founding sponsors, including Kaiser Permanente, Marc and Lynne Benioff, Salesforce, Google, Jeff and Erica Lawson, Twilio, the San Francisco Giants, Levi Strauss Foundation, Benchmark, Ron Conway, Live Nation and Another Planet Entertainment.

The fires have burned an estimated 200,000 acres and 6,000 homes in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Lake Counties, displacing thousands of residents. Damage estimates are in the billions of dollars and rising, and the cleanup and recovery efforts will be the largest and costliest in California history.

The funds raised by Band Together Bay Area will go into an emergency relief fund established by Tipping Point Community and will be directed to the North Bay community foundations, service providers and government partners supporting the low-income communities hit hardest by the fires. The fund aims to address urgent needs, such as temporary housing, food, education and healthcare services, as well as rebuilding efforts. Beneficiaries to date include: Community Foundation Sonoma County, Napa Valley Community Foundation, the Redwood Credit Union Community Fund, Inc. as part of the North Bay Fire Relief Fund established by the Press Democrat and Senator Mike McGuire, Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa, among others.

Band Together Bay Area Benefit Concert

The coalition also announced a benefit concert on Thursday, November 9 at AT&T Park featuring Metallica, Dave Matthews, G-Eazy and others artists. Metallica recorded a video to help promote the concert. The concert will be underwritten by sponsors, with 100% of ticket sales going to the Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund. Live Nation and Another Planet Entertainment are joining forces to help produce and manage the event. The best seats in the house will be donated to first responders, volunteers and families impacted by the firestorm.

Tickets for the Band Together Bay Area concert will go on public sale Friday, October 27 at 10:00 a.m. at and Tickets range from $49.50 to $199.50 plus applicable charges. Ticketmaster will donate all processing fees to the relief effort.

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Quotes from Band Together Bay Area Coalition Members:

“In this time of great need, we are committed to offering our support with donations to rebuild these communities, half of whom are Kaiser Permanente members. Joining together as a coalition of Bay Area businesses to raise donations, we can make a significant difference in the rebuilding of these communities.” — Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente and Chairman of the Bay Area Council

“The North Bay fires are the worst humanitarian disaster California has faced since the 1906 earthquake, and it will take a massive community effort to repair the devastation. The North Bay needs our help, and I hope everyone will join us in giving back to support the families and communities that have been hit hardest by these fires.”– Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce

“Our neighbors in the North Bay have shown incredible strength as a community, and Google is proud to support Band Together Bay Area to help bring critical resources, funding, and support for those affected by the devastating wildfires in Northern California.” — Jacqueline Fuller, VP, Google and President of

“As Bay Area residents, it is our responsibility to come together as a community and help our neighbors who have been affected by the fires in the North Bay. Bay Area Band Together is committed to supporting recovery efforts, and we encourage our peers in the business community to join in. Rebuilding starts now.” — Jeff Lawson, CEO and Co-Founder of Twilio

“This is a moment to show how the Bay Area business community rallies together to make a difference. Through our employees and the Levi Strauss Foundation, we are here to help the North Bay rebuild and come back stronger than ever.” — Chip Bergh, President & CEO of Levi Strauss & Co.

“During unprecedented times like these, it is imperative that all of us come together to honor those who lost their lives and to help the community heal from this horrific tragedy. The Giants are proud to be a part of this effort and we’ll continue to shine a light on the needs of the recovery effort in the weeks and months ahead and beyond.” — Laurence M. Baer, President & CEO of the San Francisco Giants

“We know that low-income communities in particular will have the longest, steepest climb back to firm ground after the fires. The Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund is an extension of our work to provide rapid and effective funding in response to the urgent need now and in the long-term. We will lean on our experience gained over the last 12 years to ensure that the funds raised go to where they’re needed most.” — Daniel Lurie, Founder and CEO of Tipping Point Community

“On behalf of SV Angel and the Ron Conway Family, we are honored to join the Bay Area and ‘Band Together’ to provide relief to our North Bay neighbors in this time of critical need, and show our gratitude for the courage of our local first responders.” — Ron Conway, Founder and Co-Managing Partner of SV Angel

“The horrific North Bay fires have shattered lives and devastated communities, but they have also ignited an amazing outpouring of support, care and giving that starts us on the long road to recovery and rebuilding. The Bay Area business community will be there every step of the way to provide the support that families, businesses and communities need to put their lives back together.” — Jim Wunderman, President and CEO of the Bay Area Council

“The Rabbis in the Talmud 2000 years ago suggested that the first question you are going to be asked when you die is, ‘were you honest and ethical in your business practices?’ Why is this the first? Your business is where you spend the majority of your life, and whether you are ethical or unethical for eight hours a day is the most important thing. What you do at your work is not separate from your values or your life. Today, our business community has come together to use their work for something sacred, to add light to the darkness in the face of the greatest disaster in our state since the 1906 earthquake.”

– Rabbi Ryan Bauer, Congregation Emanuel — San Francisco

Quotes about Band Together Bay Area Concert:

“For 34 years, Metallica has flown the flag for the Bay Area all over the world. The recent tragic events up in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties have left us all saddened. We’re here to help as much as we can, and this concert on November 9 is one small way we can do that.” — Lars Ulrich, drummer for Metallica

“Sometimes you just need to stop and do something meaningful. This is one of those times. We are one community and together we act as one.” — Gregg Perloff, CEO of Another Planet Entertainment

“Live Nation, along with our BottleRock Festival family in Napa, are honored to be a part of an effort to help raise funding for so many deeply affected by the North Bay wildfires. Seeing the Bay Area music community come together to help those in need is truly inspiring. Thanks to all of the artists and companies who have banded together to make it all possible.” — Jodi Goodman, President of Live Nation Northern California

Quotes from Elected Officials:

“Never in our state’s history have we seen a disaster like the North Bay Firestorm. Our community is suffering not only from the loss of loved ones and thousands of homes, but also from the emotional trauma caused by having only minutes to escape the path of these massive fires. For a strong recovery, we’ll need to work together and it’s going to require major support from throughout the Bay Area. This fund is critical to helping those families in dire need with rebuilding their lives.” — CA State Senator Mike McGuire (D-2)

“Our community has suffered from one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the State of California. Working collectively, we will rebuild and emerge strong. From the first responders who fought the wildfires and saved lives, to the neighbors who volunteered their homes to victims, our community has banded together. We are so thankful and appreciative of this incredible team effort to raise much needed funds to help us recover.”- CA State Senator Bill Dodd (D-3)

“We feel the love of the entire Bay Area and are grateful for the organization of the concert to support the fire victims and lighten the burdens our most vulnerable are facing. To move forward after a disaster, people need hope and help. This will definitely provide both.” — Napa Mayor Jill Techel

“The Bay Area is a special place because the towns and cities of this region always support each other, no matter the circumstances. We have all seen the devastating effects of major events, and we know that no community should have to experience these alone. When we have a strong North Bay, we have a strong San Francisco. We are proud to support these efforts to help our friends and families in the North Bay recover from these tragic fires.” — San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee

Quotes from North Bay Community Partners:

“Before the tragic North Bay fires, this community was making progress in reducing homelessness and poverty, despite a severe lack of affordable housing. Now the challenge is so much greater due to the loss of thousands of housing units and many newly homeless individuals and families. Catholic Charities will work with community partners to expand our efforts exponentially to rapidly rehouse those who are most vulnerable, and to provide direct assistance in accessing benefits and resources.” — Len Marabella, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa

“The North Bay fires have been the deadliest and most costly in California history since the 1906 earthquake. 6,000 homes and hundreds of businesses have been destroyed putting thousands out of their homes and out of work. 17,000 Press Democrat readers have responded with contributions, but it will take millions of dollars to help those displaced until the rebuilding effort begins in 18 months or more. Our focus with the North Bay Fire Relief Fund is to direct help to those most in need impacted by this fire with a focus on school children, first responders, and families who lost their homes.” — Steven Falk, CEO of the Press Democrat and Co-Founder of the North Bay Fire Relief Fund

“The devastating wildfires have affected our entire community. But without question, the impact is most dire for those who suddenly find themselves without housing, employment or both. Our commitment to these families must not waver, and we are sincerely grateful for the partnership of Tipping Point Community in helping to foster their resilience.” — Elizabeth Brown, President & CEO of the Community Foundation Sonoma County

“The fires in Napa Valley have been devastating, but with the support of generous people and organizations near and far, we will recover and rebuild. In fact, we are already starting to do so.”

– Terence P. Mulligan, President of the Napa Valley Community Foundation

“Our thoughts are with those impacted by the devastating North Bay fires. There’s an incredible outpouring of support for fire victims through the generous donations to the North Bay Fire Relief Fund. Thousands of people along with organizations locally and around the world have donated — we’re over $10 million already. The message to fire victims is clear: We’re in this together, and we’re here to help.”

Brett Martinez, President and CEO of Redwood Credit Union

Quotes from First Responders:

“The human and emotional toll of this firestorm cannot be understated. As this current firefight winds down, vital recovery efforts continue to ramp up, even as we prepare for another onslaught of critical fire weather in Southern California.” — Chief Ken Pimlott, Director of CAL FIRE

“Our number one priority is doing everything we can to help these communities recover from the unbelievable devastation caused by these wildfires. This is a whole-community recovery effort that includes countless acts of kindness and generosity that make a big difference in the lives of survivors.”

– Mark Ghilarducci, Director of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

North Bay Business Owners:

“My partners and I live, work and are raising our families in the Napa Valley wine country, and have been profoundly affected by these devastating fires. The funds raised through this benefit concert will help those who have been displaced and lost so much. Music has a special healing quality, and this benefit concert will also raise the spirits of the North Bay communities touched by the fires.” — David Graham, CEO of BottleRock Napa Valley

“The Wine Country communities are strong, resilient, and open for business, but we need support to help the many families who were hardest hit by this tragedy. We must direct funds to the most impacted, hardworking people of both Napa and Sonoma counties, and I’m confident this effort will do just that.”

David Duncan, President & CEO of Silver Oak Winery and Twomey Cellars

“Here in wine country we’ve seen adversity before and we always come back stronger. My heart goes out to friends, family, and neighbors who have lost homes, land, businesses, and more. As a strong and resilient community of makers, we are doing everything we can to build back our communities and open our doors. The much needed funds raised through this event will go directly to the individuals and families most severely affected by the fires.” — Charlie Palmer, Chef / Owner, Charlie Palmer Group

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