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Tipping Point Dashboard Tracks Homelessness in San Francisco

PUBLISHED: Nov 14, 2023

In July 2023, the City of San Francisco began a five-year strategic plan to decrease the number of people who are unsheltered by 50 percent and the total number of people experiencing homelessness by 15 percent. The City’s capacity to effectively spend taxpayer dollars and get results depends on transparency and accountability, which is why Tipping Point launched the San Francisco Homelessness Dashboard.

The dashboard offers Bay Area residents a reliable, one-stop public resource for information about progress toward reducing homelessness in San Francisco, trends in how the homelessness response system is functioning, and what solutions exist to address the crisis.

Our goal is to help people who are concerned about these issues but who are not experts understand trends in what is and is not working. The dashboard launched with baseline data and will be updated each quarter, supported with context from Tipping Point experts about what shifts in numbers mean and areas to target for improvement.

This dashboard is an essential element of our San Francisco Housing strategy to:

  1. Prevent homelessness.
  2. Focus on key populations—specifically the disproportionate number of Black and Latinx San Franciscans experiencing homelessness.
  3. Improve transparency and accountability.

Our work on housing and homelessness is an essential part of our poverty-fighting efforts across the Bay Area. When the City’s plan is successful, we will be well on our way to a new and better version of San Francisco in which each of our neighbors has a safe place to call home.

Explore the dashboard at

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