It’s Our Own Space

A few months ago, Millicent and her 13-year-old son Julian were living in their truck. When spots opened up, they moved to a shelter in downtown San Francisco where they shared a communal room. A month ago, Compass Family Services–a long-time grantee and one of 13 organizations to receive emergency funding from Tipping Point–helped them get their own apartment.

“Now, we have our own single room with a door and a key. There’s a double bunk bed, a dresser, a cupboard to store dry goods, and our own bathroom. There are windows too. I feel so grateful to be here for shelter-in-place. I feel much safer knowing that I can walk around with my wipes and clean my area. And it’s just us…it’s our own space.”

Compass understands what parents need. Simple thingsa door, a pantry, somewhere to cook for your family. That’s one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Now I can cook for my son. The other day, I made cheesecake. I’ve made an apple pie. I cook whatever is on sale at FoodCo–simple stuff like chicken or steak. My son thinks I should be a cook and start my own restaurant–we even have a name for it–‘Ummm.’ As in, ‘where do you want to eat tonight?’ We’d be everyone’s first choice. It makes us laugh every time.”


Data from Tipping Point-funded workforce development organizations.