POC-Led: Impact Through Equity

To achieve more equitable opportunities and outcomes, we believe it is critical that the diversity of a community is reflected in the leadership of the non-profit organizations serving it. Leaders of color with more proximate experiences to the communities they serve have unique perspectives to inform decisions by both practice and policy, and people are more likely to seek support from organizations with leaders and staff who have shared experiences. Through our POC-Led effort, we are increasing our investment in organizations led by people of color to achieve better outcomes and increase our overall impact.

Our Commitment

Tipping Point seeks to increase investments in organizations led by people of color. With the right resources, these leaders will have the ability to produce stronger and better results over time. We are committed to providing leaders of color with financial resources, peer-to-peer networking opportunities, and customized support along all domains of their organizations to ultimately increase organizational impact and community change.

Our Effort

In addition to the unrestricted dollars and standard capacity-building opportunities Tipping Point offers all its grantees, organizations that participate in this cohort will have access to the following:

  • Executive Fellowship – This facilitated peer group is designed to build community, share information, experiences, becest practices, and challenges amongst the CEOs of each organization.
  • Cohort-Based Curriculum – Organizations will also be offered a customized, intensive curriculum for leadership teams. This cohort-based curriculum will be designed based on challenge areas identified by the CEOs to achieve specific outcomes, and complemented with expertise from Tipping Point and the field.

Inequitable funding practices have served as a barrier to organizations led by people of color and prevented them from growing their non-profits from early-stage to well-resourced organizations that can maximize impact on the communities they serve. By increasing our investment in organizations led by people of color, Tipping Point will not only be able to start turning the tide on these unjust practices in a strategic, coordinated way, but will also increase our ability to help more people move out of poverty.

For questions or additional information, please contact Nick Arevalo at narevalo@tippingpoint.org.