The devastating fires in the North Bay made for the deadliest and most costly natural disaster in California since the 1906 earthquake. The Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund supports low-income, vulnerable communities impacted by the crisis. 100% of what you give will go where it is needed most.

We are thrilled to report that, as of November 10, we have raised $23 million to support North Bay Fire Relief thanks to our Community and the Band Together Bay Area effort. We will continue accepting donations for the Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund and appreciate your help in this time of tremendous and pressing need.

Donate to the Relief Fund

Band Together Bay Area

Band Together Bay Area, a benefit concert hosted at iconic AT&T Park on November 9, mobilized the Bay Area in a show of support for the most vulnerable populations affected by this crisis. Local artists and companies came together to raise an incredible $17 Million, bringing the total Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund to $23 Million. 100% of ticket sales and donations will be used to help low-income communities recover and rebuild.

Founding Sponsors

Event Sponsors

AAA Northern California
Bank of America
Bay Area Council
BottleRock Presents
Citrix Systems, Inc.
Climate Corporation
CODE Advisors
Comcast NBCUniversal
Dolby Laboratories
First Republic Bank
Gap Inc.
Gilead Sciences
Goldman Sachs Gives
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Foundation
HP Foundation
Intuit Inc.
Jewish Community Federation
Jewish Federation and The Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay
Kilroy Realty
Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
Levi Strauss Foundation
LinkedIn Corporation
Masons of California
McKinsey & Company
Medtronic Foundation
Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
Perkins Coie Foundation
Plant Construction Co., L.P.
Qatalyst Partners
Salesforce Ventures
Shorenstein Properties
Silver Giving Foundation
State Farm
SV Angel
TIBCO Software Inc.
Tishman Speyer
TMG Partners
Webb Investment Network

Emergency Relief Recipients

For the last 12 years, Tipping Point has worked to find and fund the most effective poverty-fighting organizations in our region. We will call upon our expertise to identify and invest in partners that can deploy capital rapidly and effectively during this crisis.

The funds raised by Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund will be directed to North Bay community foundations, service providers and government partners supporting low-income communities hit hardest by the fires. Our approach has three phases:

Phase 1: Relief

Initial grants will be given to the following trusted partners working on the front lines:

Redwood Credit Union Community Fund, Inc. as part of the North Bay
Fire Relief Fund established by the Press Democrat
Community Foundation Sonoma County $250,000
Napa Valley Community Foundation $250,000
Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa $250,000
Jewish Family and Children's Services $250,000
On The Move $150,000
Community Foundation of Mendocino County $100,000
Gateway to College at Santa Rosa College $9,000

We intend for all Emergency Relief Funds to be dispersed by December 2018.

Special Thanks

Thank you to the individuals and businesses that have stepped forward to help in this urgent time of need.

Tipping Point welcomes private and corporate fundraising to support emergency relief efforts. Please contact if you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser on our behalf.

Donate to the Relief Fund

This tragedy is a powerful reminder of how much we need each other. Please consider making a gift today.


The most destructive fire in California since 1906

200,000 acres burned

100,000 people displaced

6,000 homes destroyed

Billing Address

Payment Information



Please make checks payable to Tipping Point Community, indicate "emergency relief fund" and send them to:
Tipping Point Community
Attn: Samantha McBride
220 Montgomery Street, Suite 850
San Francisco, CA 94104


Please call Samantha McBride at Tipping Point Community at (415) 348-1240 or to request instructions.


All donations to the Emergency Relief Fund are tax-deductible. Tipping Point’s Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) is 20-2121739 

Thank you to our donors


Lynne and Marc Benioff
Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation


Kelsey and David Lamond


R. Ken and Donna M. Coit Family
Leah and Ben Spero
Sara & Evan Williams Foundation


Byers Family
Dhanam Foundation
The Dolby Family
Lauren and James Ford
Bradley and Chris James
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
The Lamond Family Foundation
Erica and Jeff Lawson
Peter Read


Nellie and Max Levchin
MAC Aids Fund
Vlad Shmunis
Mariana Gantus Wall and Doug Wall
Charlotte and Alan Waxman


Kate Harbin Clammer and Adam Clammer
Eileen and John Donahoe
David B. Ford
Virginia M. Ford
Adam Gross
Levi Strauss & Co
Partner Fund Management
Serena and Alec Perkins
Matt Powers
Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund
Rivi and Brett Rochkind
Grace and Steven Voorhis


Aufmuth Family Foundation
The Cline Family
Cara Cutter and Dennis Phelps
Catherine and John Debs
Melodie and Scott Dylla
Freedom Financial Network /
Brooke and Jeremy Geller
Katie Hall and Tom Knutsen
Heather and Jony Ive
Randy Kern
Hadley Mullin and Dan Kalafatas
JaMel and Tom Perkins Family Foundation
Catherine and Michael Podell
Alex and Susan Virgilio Foundation
Franny and Stanley Wang


Nina and Chris Buchbinder
Marritje and Jamie Greene
Carrie and Greg Gretsch
Carolen and Douglas Herst
Margaret and Matt Jacobson
Susan and Jason Johnson
Alan Eustace
Christina and John Keker
Christina and Daryl Kost
David Moellenhoff
Michelle and Paul Odland
Katie and Matt Paige
Karen Pell
Joachim Splichal
Claire and Holden Spaht
Annabel Teal and Justin Shaffer
Pamela Weiss and Eugene Cash
Paula and Mark Williams
Angelique and Andrew Wilson


Anonymous (3)
Charlene Akers and Nate Levine
Jamie and Will Bartlett
David Beier
Keith Belling
Rob Bland
Frish Brandt and August Fischer
Alexander Brennen
Barbara Brown
Katie Budge
Justin Chimienti
Byron Deeter
Kelly and Shams Deitrick
Michael Eisler
Grand Lake Montessori
Elliot Evers
Jeffrey Fraenkel and Alan Mark
Tad Freese
Gwendolyn Fyfe
Christine and Curtis Gardner
Patrick Garrehy
Sima Ghadamian
Elizabeth Glenewinkel
William Goodell
Paige and Mike Graziano
Megan Hailey-Dunsheath
Lucy Helm
Janet Kodish and Dorian Newton
Carolyn Kradjan
David LaHorgue
Deborah Landesman
Joyce Leary and Jeffrey Zimmer
Karen and Ronnie Lott
Caroline and Graham Low
Gina and Matthew Lytle
Bonnie Mandel
Tomi Matthews
Stewart McDowell
Andrew Meyer
Althea Peng
Caitlin Peters
Mary and Gary Pinkus
Rodde Family
Darin Sadow
Camille Samuels
Deborah Santana
Barney Schauble
Michael Schwab
Emily Scott
Mona and Nihir Shah
Sobia and Nadir Shaikh
Wendy Smith
Jewely Stephens
John Stubbs
Ellen and Steve Taylor
Peter Thompson
Ingrid and Andrew Tolson
Abigail Turin and Jonathan Gans
Jennifer Van Natta
Catherine Vigrass
Kristin Vogelsong and Zander Lurie
Anna Walker
Kay Kimpton Walker and Sandy Walker
Lucie and Jerry Weissman
Amanda Weitman
Kendall Welden
Lane Welton
Meredith Wiedeman
Jayne and Johnny Williams
Lilah and Alex Wolf
Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter and Mark Zitter
ZJ Future US

Under $1,000

Anonymous (9)
Cindy Abbott
Lindsey Abramo
Carolynn Abst
Christine Adair
Michael M. Adams
Bonnie Adell
Craig Adler
Ruchi Agarwal
Bruce Agid
Vikas Agnihotri
Joanna and Matt Aguiar
Diane Aldrich
Afroza Ali
Mihad Ali
Vani Allamsetti
Kenneth Allison
Kim Anasoulis
Ines Anchondo
Jennifer Anderson
Maggie Andrews
Joya Anthony
Nicole Arce
Nick Arevalo
Joan Arquero
Adrienne Arieff
David Arnold
Susan Ashley
Jennifer Ashlin
Laura Atkinson
Waverley Aufmuth & Jim Hugo
Genie Austin-Calkins
Steven Avery
Kristy Avila
Christina Aylward
Anne Bachtold
Gaurav Bahel
Emily Bailard
Amrita Bajwa
Tess Bakke
Usha Balakrishnan
Sajith Balan
Melissa and Fernando Balazs
Hilary and Fred Baldi
Margot Baldwin
Jennifer Ball
Sandra Ball
Debbie Bamberger
Emily Rose Banks
Lonnie Barbach and David Geisinger
Barney/Jacques Giving Fund
Monica Barley
Brian Barry
Haley Barter
Layla Barthelow
Sarvin Basnyat
Kelly Bathgate
Sharon and Tom Bechtol
Jan and John Becker
Gillian Belcher
Paula Belikove
Deena Benjamin
Jason Benton
Jennifer Beorkrem
Jonathon Bernstein
Laurie Bernstein
Marit Berre
Mary Bevc
Jennifer Beyer
Aarti Bhatnagar
Geoffrey Biddick
Sheila Bienemann
Brooke Biggs
Clarinda Bisceglia
Deborah Bishop
Molly Black
Audrey Blaker
JoAnne Tybinka Blasko
Gina Blednyh
Adrianna Boghozian
Susan Boiko
Cynsa Bonorris
Jay Bordeleau
Tami and Bryan Boroughf
Laxminarayana Botla
Gregory Boyd
Nicola Boyd
Leigh Brawer
Lynnette Brawer
Mardi Brayton
Summer Brenner
Wendy Breuer
Cristin Brew
Matt Brewer
Justin Broadway
Rebecca Brondfield
Stephen Bronstein
Meredith Brooks
Katelyn Brown
Donald Brownson
Heather Buch and Adam Judd
Fern Burch and Frank Koval
Lenny Burdette
Jean-Francois de Buren
Kyra Busch
Laura Busch
Sarah Busta
Christina Byron
CAIS Middle School Student Government
Anne and Andrew Cambria
Kathryn Canfield
Kristi Cannon
Anne-Marie Canter
Ayaire Cantil-Voorhees
Victoria Cao
Alysse Caraballo
Antonio Cardenas
Judy Cardiff
Duane Carlson
Shea Caruthers
Carmela Carvajal
Nicole Cassani
Helen Castaneda
Justin Castells
Zoe Johns Catalano
Alexis and Matt Causey
Carla de Cervantes
Tirumalesh Chalamarla
Jessie Chamberlin
Ailsa Chan
Alan Chan
Krista Chan
Lydia Chan
Jean Chang
Tiffany Chao
Justine Chausson
Xijia Chen
Anita Cheng
Tamara Cheng
Timothy Chi
Ting-hsu Chien
Prasanta Chinara
Lawrence Ching
John Chiosso
Manish Chitnis
Felicia Chiu and Luke Teeple
Kohinoor Choudhury
V.E. Christie
June Clague
Elizabeth Clark
Natalie Clint
Melissa Coates
Dennis Cobb
Michelle Cobb
Gregg Coffin
Chris Colin
Betsy Collins
Rhonda Collins
Charles Colmore
Lauren Combes
Adrian Covert
Margaret Jane Conover
Kyle Conroy
Sean Conroy
Norm Constantine
Magdalena Cooley
India Cooper
Gabrielle Cornelio
Jen Costa
Debbie Cotton
Karen Cottrell
Paul Cozby
Lindsey Crawford
Alessandro Crotti
Juliette Cubanski
Laura Cummings
Emily Dahlin
Rachel Dalton
Matthew Dardenne
Ben Davis
Andrea Dehner
Stefanie Demong
Sara Denn
Lisa Denning
Tina Desalvo
Pranav Deshpande
Pieter deVilliers
Hiyasmin Dimaranan
Sarah Dods
Pratima Doma
Karina Domingo
Elizabeth Donald
Scott Doolin
Zahra Dossa
Regan Douglass
Robert Douthit
Craig Downing
Karen Draper
Dan Drath
Ezra Dreiblatt
Liz and Chris Dressel
Anjesh Dubey
Maureen Dubois
Yuan DuBord
Pamela Dudzik
Elaine Dull
Mary Dunbar
Lindsey Duyanen
James Dwyer
Paul Ebenkamp
Todd Ebitz
James Edelman
Allison and Jesse Eisenhardt
Dru Elizabeth
Nancy and Brewster Ely
Megan Enright
Martin Eriksson
Melonie Esformes
Alina Esquenazi
Carolyn and Brian Estebez
Naseem Esteghamat
Mirba Estrellas
Lara Ettenson
Susan Evans
Peter Ewell
Margaret Ewing
Nathaniel and Miriam Fairfield
Thomas Fanghaenel
Sophia and Omied Far
Janet Faraguna
Jessica Farr
Nancy Federspiel
Briana Feigon
Amy Felsenthal
John Felton
Linda Ferguson
Brian Fernandes
Diana Fernandez
Maria Ferrero
Lauren Fischer
Mark Fishler
Jessica and Andy Fishman
Jennifer Fleming
Fabrice Florin
Megan Fluke
Sarah Forsberg
Michelle Arader Fort and Dave Fort
Catherine Crystal Foster
Lori Fouts and Chris Stanton
Melissa Franks
Katherine Frazier-Archila
Steve Freitas
Ali and Richard Fried
Alissa Friedman
Kathryn Fugman
Joshua Funamura
P.G. and D.Y. Gadboury
Andrej Galad
Hadley Galbraith
Susan and John Gallo
Ana Garcia
Vicente Garcia
Iyana Garg
Manish Garg
Ashley Gennarelli
Natalie Georges
Karin Geselle
Ryon Gesink
Alzara Getz
Yael Gilboa
Carla and Barry Giller
Marisa Giller and Roger Hacker
John Gilligan
Emily Gische
Elizabeth and John Givens
Sebastian Gladney
Eric Glassy
Kathryn Glickman
Yoni Goldberg
Barbara Goldstein
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Ruth Goldstein
Caroline Goodman
Eleanor Goodwin
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Monika Gorkani
Andrew Gothelf
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Melanie Govind
Rebecca Gowing
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Max Greenberg
Kate Greenwood and Ken Leung
Jim Greer and Brett Odom
Mimi Greisman
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Daniel Gruver
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Marsha and Ralph Guggenheim
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