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Researching Bay Area Mental Health Care Needs

PUBLISHED: Nov 17, 2023

As part of our efforts to fight poverty in the Bay Area, Tipping Point Community and our grantees often grapple with the intersection of poverty and mental health. For over a decade, Tipping Point has supported grantee organizations to build the capacity to deliver high-quality, culturally appropriate mental health services to clients.

Tipping Point engaged JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI), research consultants focused on improving healthcare globally, to explore the mental health landscape and identify areas for potential philanthropic investments to improve mental health in the Bay Area. These investments would complement Tipping Point’s existing grantmaking in early childhood, education, employment, and housing.

The Executive Summary and the full report highlight both the unmet need for mental health services in California and three investment areas that would be appropriate for philanthropic funding and aligned with the mission and capabilities of a foundation like Tipping Point.

After carefully weighing the potential benefits and drawbacks given our current strategic priorities, we’ve concluded that current circumstances are not conducive to pursuing a separate mental health strategy. Instead, we will continue to focus on building and deepening mental health capacity with our current grantees, helping them take advantage of billions in state and federal dollars pouring into mental health from landmark policy changes. We will also continue to act alongside other funders whose strategies and capabilities are better positioned to lead efforts that will drive transformative change in California’s mental health landscape.

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