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Targeted investments where they’re needed most.

Project Investments

We round out our portfolio with targeted investments to achieve community-wide change.

Project spotlight

San Francisco Homelessness Project

We believe San Francisco can be a community where everyone has a safe place to call home. Built on the learnings from our Chronic Homelessness Initiative, our project to equitably and significantly reduce homelessness in San Francisco focuses on three key areas: homelessness prevention, key populations experiencing disproportionate rates of homelessness, and improved transparency and accountability.

Project spotlight

Youth Homelessness Project

In 2022, thanks to a generous investment from VISA Foundation, Tipping Point launched a $16 million, three-year project to address youth homelessness. The project will catalyze significant change in the systems that serve transition-aged youth who are currently homeless or experiencing housing instability by directing funds to the most impactful local service providers in Bay Area communities.

Project spotlight

Mobility LABs

Mobility Learning and Action Bets—or Mobility LABs—is a pioneering initiative to spur the development of new solutions to sustainably lift families out of poverty, and to promote dynamic leaders to change the conversation around social and economic mobility. Mobility LABS is a partnership of major donors, including Tipping Point and Robin Hood, which serves as the managing partner for Mobility LABs.

Project spotlight

Better Futures for Foster Youth

Better Futures for Foster Youth aims to improve support and services for the estimated 4,000 transitional-aged foster youth in the Bay Area. By investing in policy change and quality systems of care, foster youth can better secure stable housing, pursue and complete higher education, and get better access to the safety nets that will help them succeed.

Additional Project Investments + Partners

Additional investments include research and evaluation to increase our impact, pilot programs to test innovative solutions, and supporting existing funds addressing racial and social justice issues that intersect with poverty.
Active grants from January 2023 through January, 2024.