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  • Julieta Barcaglioni

    Julieta joined Tipping Point to continue building equitable, effective, and accountable systems to make lasting change. Julieta has over 10…

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  • Becky Jaques Hasak

    Becky has spent more than a decade working to improve outcomes for young children and families. Prior to joining Tipping Point…

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  • Allison Thompson

    Allison joined Tipping Point Community after more than two years leading West Coast fundraising for the Child Mind Institute, a…

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    Staff member Allison Thompson wearing a blue shirt stands and smiles.
  • Meg Thomas

    Meg is a mission-driven leader with experience in amplifying impact through partnerships and collaboration. She brings deep expertise in leading…

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  • Marin Garcia

    Marin is interested in supporting organizations, people, and communities who work to advance positive impact for underserved communities. Prior to…

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    Staff member Marin Garcia wearing a beige sweater stands and smiles.
  • Sophie Deixel

    Sophie brings to Tipping Point extensive experience in social impact communications. She joins the Tipping Point team after five years at…

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  • Wendy Robinson

    Wendy joins Tipping Point Community driven by purpose. She is an SF Bay Area native whose authenticity and genuine passion…

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  • Kathy Sun

    Kathy joins Tipping Point excited to leverage narrative change to shape more equitable and just systems. Most recently, Kathy led…

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    Staff member Kathy Sun wearing a red shirt stands and smiles.
  • Rohit Naimpally

    Rohit joined Tipping Point because it marries a moral imperative to serve the Bay Area community with a commitment to…

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    Staff member Rohit Naimpally wearing a grey shirt posing on a San Francisco street.
  • Puja Rao

    Joining Tipping Point Community offers the opportunity to create a tangible and lasting impact on poverty and social disparities within…

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