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Nina Catalano

PUBLISHED: Feb 13, 2023

Nina leads Tipping Point’s grantmaking and systems change efforts on homelessness in San Francisco, bringing a focus on equity and cross-sector collaboration. Before becoming the Senior Program Officer, she served as a Senior Planner with Tipping Point’s Chronic Homelessness Initiative, working with diverse partners to promote health and housing for all San Franciscans. Prior to joining Tipping Point, she worked with the Pew Charitable Trusts in Washington, D.C. on legislative reform to reduce the use of prison and jail in response to social and public health needs. She previously served as a public defender in Alameda County, where in addition to providing legal representation, she led a needs assessment of indigent clients and participated in a regional working group to address racial disparities in the justice system. She is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School. A Bay Area native, Nina loves learning about the region’s natural ecosystems and trying new styles of dance.

“Change is possible if we take action that is rooted in love and support for each other, and bravely interrogate the effectiveness of our work. It starts with your heart and radiates out”