Homelessness Solutions, Partnership and Hope

Tipping Point talks with Dariush Kayhan about the Moving On Initiative, one year in Over the last year, 136 people who had experienced homelessness now have a place to call home, thanks to a program called the Moving On Initiative. Initiated by the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH), Moving On is a partnership between &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/homelessness-solutions-partnership-and-hope">Continued</a>

San Francisco Mayoral Front-Runners Unify Around Bold Goal to Reduce Homelessness

Tipping Point Community Secures Pledge from Leading Mayoral Candidates to Create 1,000 Homes in their First Year for Homeless San Franciscans SAN FRANCISCO (May 4, 2018) — Today, Tipping Point Community, a regional non-profit that works to break the cycle of poverty in the Bay Area, announced it has asked each of the candidates for mayor in &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/san-francisco-mayoral-front-runners-unify-around-bold-goal-to-reduce-homelessness">Continued</a>

Lunch with Leaders: One Home

A Quick Bite with Teresa Sal + Rey Faustino Children playing at Compass Children’s Center in San Francisco (2016) Every month, we invite an inspiring leader or two from our grantee portfolio to join us in the Tipping Point Cafe. Our “Lunch with Leaders” series is an opportunity for our team to hear directly from those &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/lunch-with-leaders-one-home">Continued</a>

How the Bay Area Became America’s Symbol for a Housing Crisis

Photo credit: Sergio Ruiz Tipping Point’s Robert Joseph Interviews Gabe Metcalf of SPUR Robert Joseph, Senior Program Officer at Tipping Point, recently sat down with Gabriel Metcalf, President and CEO of SPUR, an organization that has promoted good planning and government in the Bay Area through research, education and advocacy for more than 100 years. Robert serves &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/how-the-bay-area-became-americas-symbol-for-a-housing-crisis">Continued</a>

Do One Thing: A Summer of Creativity in the Fight Against Poverty

People say the Bay Area is making history — that we’re living in a modern Gold Rush — but with more than a million people right here in our community who don’t have what they need to survive, we know it will take all of us to ensure we end up on the right side of the history books. &hellip; <a href="https://tippingpoint.org/thought-leadership/blog/do-one-thing-a-summer-of-creativity-in-the-fight-against-poverty">Continued</a>