Tipping Point conducts research, experiments with innovative solutions, and supports policies that reduce the number of people living in poverty in the Bay Area.


May, 2020
In partnership with the University of California, Berkeley and the Othering & Belonging Institute, Tipping Point conducted a year-long study to get a holistic and nuanced picture of poverty in the Bay Area. Its findings present a timely snapshot of poverty in the region and illustrate that even when the economy is strong, millions in our community – even those who aren’t considered to be living in poverty – are struggling to make ends meet.

Research Projects

Increasing Take-Up of the Earned Income Tax Credit
The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is one of the best ways to fight poverty, yet many of those who are eligible don’t receive it. Tipping Point supported the California Policy Lab‘s effort to evaluate a series of experiments with the goal of increasing the number of eligible Californians claiming the federal and state EITCs.

Relief from Government-Owed Child Support Debt and Its Effects on Parents and Children
In California, most of the money low-income parents pay for child support does not reach their children. Instead, those funds reimburse the government for public assistance their children received. Tipping Point asked what would happen if 100% of child support payments went to their children? The Urban Institute evaluation found that after parent child-support debt was relieved, not only did parent-child relationships, parent credit scores and housing status improve, payments were paid more consistently and timely.


Easing the Burden on Low-Income Drivers
In partnership with the City’s Financial Justice Project steps are being taken by the City to ease effects of fines on low-income drivers.

Exploring Alternatives to Incarceration for Transition-Aged Youth
In partnership with: Fresh Lifelines for Youth

Child Care Solutions for Parents Working Non-Traditional Hours
In partnership with: Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

Community-Based Innovation to Affordable Child Care
In partnership with Gma Village

Closing the Opportunity Divide for Young Adults
In partnership with Year Up