Today, 1 in 5 people in the Bay Area have less than $400 in their bank account. That’s one emergency away from not being able to afford their basic needs. COVID-19 is that emergency that could mean the difference between keeping food on the table and going hungry.

On March 26, Tipping Point convened 1000+ people to join Governor Newsom for our announcement to raise $30 million to support our community. Watch the announcement with Governor Newsom. We are raising funds as quickly as possible to stabilize the non-profits working tirelessly to support low-income individuals and families hit hardest by this crisis.

In this time of increased need, our community is rallying together to provide critical support for our neighbors who don’t have the resources to make ends meet, let alone weather this crisis. Donate today.

Tipping Point’s Board covers 100% of our operating costs, so every dollar donated will go where it’s needed most to fight poverty and support low-income communities.



Low-income + unhoused people are relying on Bay Area non-profits more than ever before.

Tipping Point’s grantees connect with over 250,000 people annually, with most of these clients earning less than $32,000 a year. Demand for services has increased – and will likely skyrocket – as individuals and families struggle to get by due to loss of work and wages, increased need for childcare, inadequate health benefits, housing insecurity, and homelessness.



Our aim is to stabilize non-profits on the frontlines + get cash to our neighbors who need it the most.

Our steadfast philosophy is to provide flexible funds to the most promising organizations with proven leaders. We are distributing emergency funding as quickly as possible, with grants being given every two weeks. The majority of funding will be allocated to the non-profits in our portfolio with the greatest need. We are also looking into groups outside our portfolio to ensure we’re reaching as many people as possible who need support in this unparalleled time.



Grants distributed as of April 3.

Grantee Organization Funds support efforts such as Geographic Focus
Beyond 12 Provide low-income, first-generation students with micro-scholarships to cover financial costs from campus closures and/or shift to remote learning All counties
Canal Alliance Support the over 50% of low-income people they regularly serve as well as others living in Marin who have reported job loss, with financial support for food and rent Marin County
Compass Family Services Provide families experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness with financial support for food, housing, and medical expenses San Francisco County
Guardian Scholars Provide SFSU students who are former foster youth with financial support to pay for food, housing, and transportation costs Multiple counties
Larkin Street Youth Services Provide youth experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness with grocery gift cards for food, personal hygiene items, and other essentials San Francisco County
LifeMoves Provide adults experiencing homelessness and children living in shelter with food; a need previously met by volunteers Multiple counties
Mission Asset Fund Provide college students who won’t receive stimulus funds due to their undocumented status with cash assistance All counties
National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) Provide foster youth with financial support to meet basic needs including food, shelter, and utilities Multiple counties
New Door Ventures Provide young workers with financial support for rent, food, and utilities due to lost wages/stipends Multiple counties
ParentChild+ Provide low-income families with food, cleaning supplies, and diapers Santa Clara County
SF Pretrial Diversion Provide people who are awaiting trial and at risk of homelessness with housing San Francisco County
SHELTER, Inc. Provide people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness with gift cards for groceries, utilities, and personal items, as well as financial support for rent and housing Contra Costa County
Young Community Developers (YCD) Provide families and individuals in the Bayview neighborhood with gift cards for essential supplies, and financial support for child care and transportation San Francisco County


Thank you to the many donors providing critical support during this time of increased need. As always, because our board covers operating costs, 100% of every donation goes to where it’s needed most.



The Dolby Family

Lyna Lam and Chris Larsen

Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation, Inc


The Bezos Family

Goldman Sachs & Co.



Anonymous (1)

Michelle Boyers

Cara Cutter and Dennis Phelps

Help Hourly Workers Campaign

Ranee Lan and Jeremy Liew

John Pritzker Family Fund

SoMa Equity

Claire and Holden Spaht


Anonymous (1)

Carolyn and Andrew Chatham

Joelle Emerson and Aaron Levie

Ironwood Capital Management

Heather and Jony Ive

Kathleen and Ted Janus

Nellie and Max Levchin

Levi Strauss Foundation

Ursula and William Moffett

Jessica and Jason Moment

Susan and Bill Oberndorf

JaMel and Tom Perkins Family Foundation

Stacy and Matthew Perry


Qatalyst Partners


Rebecca and Tod Sacerdoti

Soniya Sapre and Rohan Nirody

Eva and Bryan Schreier

Leah and Ben Spero



Mariana Gantus Wall and Douglas Wall

Melody Howe Weintraub and Jerry Weintraub


Anonymous (1)

Bay Grove Capital LLC

The Louis L. Borick Foundation

Kate Harbin Clammer and Adam Clammer


Freedom Financial Foundation

The Fisher Family

Ali and Richard Fried

Rivi and Brett Rochkind

The Barry and Mimi Sternlicht Foundation

Susan and Jim Swartz

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation


Alka and Ravin Agrawal

Shashi and Dipanjan (DJ) Deb

Juliet de Baubigny

Sarah and Jason DiLullo

Elizabeth and Bruce Dunlevie

Melodie and Scott Dylla

Meredith and Barry Eggers

Lauren and Jamie Ford

Katherine and James Lau

Caroline Fromm Lurie and Rabbi Brian Lurie

Tara Mark and Geoff Oltmans

Rina and Gary Meltzer

Jenny Baxter Moser and Matt Moser

Hadley Mullin and Dan Kalafatas

The Nussbacher Family

Linnea and George R. Roberts

Melissa and Gabe Santos

Sobia and Nadir Shaikh

Jane and Larry Solomon

Andrew Wheeler


Anonymous (1)

Leslie Berriman and Nion T. McEvoy

J. Scott Case

Mei and Herald Chen

DivcoWest Real Estates Services LLC

Marritje and Jamie Greene

Sarah Guo and Pat Grady

Nona Lim and Derek Kennedy

Heather and Oleg Nodelman

RPX Corporation

Jaclyn and Dan Safier

Maya and Ned Segal

Susan Shipley and Craig Allison

Ann and Joe Stockwell

Abby and Jon Winkelried


Anonymous (2)

Johanna and Tom Baruch

Jonathan and Lisa Cryer

Caroline Gaffney and Ryan Clark

Katherine and David Hahn

Josh Hanna

Gabriela and Peter Hébert

Elizabeth and Miles Lasater

Jordan Moss

Shreya and Sid Ramakrishnan

Alicia and Michael Rockefeller

Barney Schauble

Franny and Stanley Wang

Chris and Steve Wilsey

Emily Wolahan and Nicholas Reavill

Alexander Zirbel


Anonymous (1)

Sabrina Adriani and Jeremy Scherer

Bright Funds Foundation

Jessica and Michael Eisler

Arif Janmohamed

Amanda and James Greene III

Erica and Bryan Schultz


Anonymous (8)

Beth and Andy Daecher

Peggy Dozier

Carolyn Zecca Ferris

Caroline Fitz-Roy

Matthew Hicks

Leslie and George Hume

Jane Cote'-Cook

Anita and David Keller

Coyne Lloyd

Rick Mariano

Katie and Justin McCarthy

Gina and Dave Pell

Mahitha Rachumalla

Katie and Maz Sharafi

Alissa Shipper

Ann and Howard Sohn

William Christopher Stockwell

Jeff Wang

CB and Dick Watts

Andrew Wise

Hilary Zucherman


Anonymous (5)

Alex Barth

Elizabeth Bender

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Jaime Bott

Liz and Cameron Breitner

Pamela Burdman

Denise Chilow and Simon Bloch

Georgia and Chris Collins

Michael Dussault

David Ellingson

Marisa Giller and Roger Hacker

Mary Glide

Brian Goldman

Andrew Kaback

Tracy Keyser

Amy Kivel

Anneliese Mauch

Amy Mullen


Nicole Quinn

Jordan Rose

Robert Schumaker

Thomas K. Seligman

Stewart Sonnenfeldt

Sacha and Joshua Steinberger

Matthew Stern

Howard Ting

Kelly Turtle

Mallary and Jonathan Walker

Noah Wintroub

Up to $499

Anonymous (47)

The Acevedo Family

Michael M. Adams

Philip Ahn

Tiffany Alunan

Chris Amos

Sarah Arnquist

Erik Augustson

Jessica Ball

Michael Bankert

Maia Barrow

Chris Benjamin

Mary Bevc

Shreyans Bhansali

Dionisio Blanco

Daniela Blei

Allison and Eric Bluestein

Jenny and Scott Blumenfield

Ava Brecht

Kyla Brennan

Mr. & Mrs. William Burkett

Jordan Burns

Pamela Calloway

Paola and Charles Casey

Julie Celia

Ming Chen

Fei Chi

Jennifer Cohen

William Coughran

Gareth Cross

Sarah Cueva

Anoushka Daska-Coyle

Kathleen Davisson

Stefanie Demong

Kari Derenzi

Ken Donnelly

Justin Dugyon

John Eckstrom

Lisa Ehrlich

Erica Eshoo

Peter Ewell

Christie Fanton

Gihani Fernando

Jennifer Field

Ariane Fisher

Front Stream

Sally Fuerstenberg

Elizabeth Funk

Carla and Barry Giller

Elizabeth and John Givens

Good Today

Meagan and Andrew Grant

David Greenberger

Mary Gullekson

Pono Giving, Inc.

Josie Halpern-Finnerty

Shauna Hamilton

Scott Harris

Hollie and James Haynes

Spencer Hemphill

Peter Hermann

Jessica Hogle

Sharon Houston

Amy Huang

Patty and Christopher Hubbard

Amanda Hughes-Watkins

Jerde Castor Family

Michael Junker

Jenny Kang

Amelia Kardooni

Steven Kasapi

Isaac Katten

Brandon Kessler

Gloria Kim

Lindsay and Todd Kimmel

Maria Kivel

Debbie Koski

Kevin Kuate Fodouop

Celia Landesberg

Carol and Herb Lau

J'aime Law

James Lawrence

Peggy Lee

Patrick Letellier

Justin Lim

Rachel Lin

Adam Little

Jennifer Lobre

Sharon Macauley

Emma Matthieson

Taylor McFarland

Wendy McPherson

Robin Medley

Hunter Meyer

Nicholas Meyer

Paul Meyer

Kimberly Miller

Jeanne Miller

Deborah Mintz

Jessica Mitrovich

Nemits Family

Network for Good

Jean and Jeff Nugent

Eloy Ontiveros

Rose Marie Ostler

Cerkica Peace

Lucy Phillips

Vickie Pilotti

Adrian Plata

Masha Popelyukhina

Becca Prowda and Daniel Lurie

Sherry Prowda

Anne Quasarano

Orit Ravid

Adriana Reeves

Alicia Reza and Adam Speert

Andrew Roberts

Deena Rosen

Vicki Rosen

Laura Rubenstein

Charlie Rybak

Chloe Safier

Keith Sanders

Dave Santos

Elly Schowalter

Sachi Schuricht

Sarah Schwarz

Laurine and Stephen Shannon

Amber Shields

Tracy Simmons

Tej Singh

Shirley Siu

Scott Solomon

Nicole Stephen

Teisha Stolich

Dean Talanehzar

Jen Terry

Robert Tibshirani

Elizabeth Toomarian

Carol Toppel

Becca Truitt

Alice Tu

Joseph Turner

Mary Turnipseed

Susan and Richard Ulevitch

Carey and Will Valentine

Kati Vastola

David Volk

Manish Vyas

Amit Wadhwa

Susan Kagan Waitkus and Matthew Waitkus

Betty Wan

Nicole Werle

Pontus Wikholm

Maureen Wink

Matt Wittlin

Connie Wu

Ayme Yaiser

Yen Family Charitable Fund


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