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How One Bay Area High School is Changing Lives

PUBLISHED: Jun 05, 2023

Photo by Cheshire Isaacs


Tucked among new construction and old military barracks on Treasure Island lies a hidden gem that has been serving Bay Area youth for 25 years: Life Learning Academy.

As a public charter high school, Life Learning Academy (LLA) creates a safe, nurturing environment for young people on the margins of traditional educational systems. LLA’s model combines academic support, job training, and community building with a trauma-informed approach to give students the foundation to soar.

As co-founders Teri Delane and Craig Miller adapted LLA’s services to meet community needs, housing insecurity was a growing factor impeding students’ success. With Tipping Point’s support, LLA opened an on-campus dormitory in 2019, providing students with the stability to learn and thrive.

“We wanted this space to be a loving home,” shared Craig. “The building design reinforces values of love, togetherness, and community.”

Last year, nearly one quarter of all LLA students lived in the dorm at some point during their educational journey, and 100% of graduates were either employed, enrolled in continuing education, or both following graduation.

As part of one of the first classes to graduate from LLA, Anthony Faddis and Nora Juárez-Faddis left with far more than a diploma. Nearly 25 years later, Anthony and Nora are still using the lessons learned during their teen years to create a home rooted in love, safety, and possibility for themselves and their children.

“Life Learning Academy saved my life,” Anthony shared. “They taught us how to break the cycles.”

As graduates across the region begin a new chapter of their own, Tipping Point is proud to work with grantees like LLA that provide support for students and strengthen housing solutions in the Bay Area. Learn more about our strategy to find, fund, and support organizations that make a brighter future within reach for every member of our community.

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