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Solutions that Bring People Home

PUBLISHED: Aug 10, 2022

It’s no mystery that it takes too long and costs too much to build housing in San Francisco.

Three years ago, Tipping Point took it upon ourselves to champion a new way of building housing for people experiencing homelessness. The result? A parking lot at 833 Bryant has been transformed into Tahanan Supportive Housing for 145 residents that were on the streets a few months ago. We shaved time and saved costs and proved there is a different way.

Today, Timothy can now call Tahanan home because this community refused to give up on him. Solutions exist, but we must have the courage to try new things. 

“I’m almost 58 years old, and this is the first place I’ve lived in that’s mine. That’s my home,” said Timothy Isaiah after moving into his new home.

Tipping Point invests in research-backed, innovative solutions to create lasting and impactful change. Learn more about our housing strategy to find, fund, and support solutions that bring people home. 

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