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Staff Spotlight: Impact that Inspires

PUBLISHED: Sep 26, 2023

At Tipping Point, we hold ourselves accountable to achieving impact for the communities we serve, with our staff working each day to uphold our values and advance our mission. Team members Suman Murthy, Caressa Sanchez, and Clare Armbruster share what inspires them about Tipping Point’s work. Plus, check out what they’re reading or listening to that keeps them feeling inspired.

Suman, communications manager, works with grantee leaders to amplify their work and tell their organizations’ stories across our communications platforms. As a part of the storytelling process, she often works directly with grantee staff, as well as current and former clients. Suman is inspired by Tipping Point’s mission when she sees grantees’ impact––from changes in the lives of clients they serve, to the policy shifts which advocate for better conditions for everyone in our community.

Suman recommends that everyone read The Broken Earth trilogy by N. K. Jemisin.



Caressa, talent operations coordinator, ensures that staff feels well supported, talent processes are effective, and our office culture is engaging and inclusive. Stories from the 2022 Tipping Point Breakfast left a lasting impression on Caressa. Hearing from Tipping Point grantees The Unity Council and Upwardly Global, she found herself wishing that her immigrant parents had organizations like these to turn to when they moved to the Bay Area decades ago. Caressa will always remember the sense of hope she had while listening to their stories—it’s what keeps her inspired by the mission and makes her proud to be a part of this community.

Caressa recommends that everyone listens to the podcast On Purpose by Jay Shetty. 


Clare, senior major gifts officer, builds relationships with supporters to grow our community and secure resources for the most promising poverty-fighting solutions. She saw the impact of our work firsthand while working at a Tipping Point grantee organization. Clare was inspired by how Tipping Point staff partnered with the organization to strengthen operations to help more individuals transform their lives. Clare was also inspired by Tipping Point’s work when she learned about Tahahan Supportive Housing and the innovative approach that Tipping Point and partners piloted to create more supportive housing for our unhoused neighbors in San Francisco. She wanted to work for an organization spearheading transformative change in our community.

As a fan of thoughtful storytelling, Clare highly recommends the podcast This American Life.

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