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Our community invested over $30 million last year to fight poverty in the Bay Area.

Annual Impact Report 2023

Dear friends,

Last year, our community invested over $30 million to build a Bay Area where everyone can thrive. I invite you to explore how this investment led to incredible impact for our community in Tipping Point’s 2023 Annual Impact Report.

These accomplishments would not have been possible without our grantees, partners, and supporters like you. We came together to show we believe in the Bay Area and that bold solutions are not only possible but are within reach. Thank you for making this possible.

At Tipping Point, data informs everything we do: it shines light on the most effective solutions, identifies gaps, and leads us to new approaches. And when we think about data, what we really look at are outcomes and impacts. For Tipping Point, outcomes are about the individual lives that our grantees are changing: the first-generation student who walks across the stage at college graduation or the family that moves into a home of their own. But understanding impact involves taking a step back and looking at the long-term changes those outcomes give rise to.

Our collective impact is that poverty in the Bay Area has gone down over the past 10 years. Tipping Point’s community, including supporters like you, helped make that happen. But there’s still work to do: one in four Bay Area residents struggle to make ends meet, living below the poverty line or just one unforeseen expense away from it. These are the neighbors who count on our support.

While individual outcomes make a world of difference to those struggling to make ends meet, we also know that we can’t end poverty on that level alone. Just as we need to zoom out to understand impact, we need to look at the big picture to build impact too. As we look ahead to next year, we are increasingly focused on changing the conditions that hold poverty in place, supporting bold ideas and policy changes that can build prosperity in the Bay Area and beyond. Together, we are showing what is possible when a community comes together.


Thanks for all that you do,

Sam Cobbs
CEO, Tipping Point Community

Last year, thanks to your investment in the Bay Area…



turned to our grantees for support across six Bay Area counties.


pieces of anti-poverty legislation

that our grantees advocated for were signed into law.


organizations supported

through customized management assistance to make them even more effective.

Your investment goes further with us.


Early Childhood$4.4M



Better Futures for Foster Youth$1.4M

Other Investments$478K

Total of $30 million Invested

*includes special programs focused on San Francisco housing and youth homelessness.

Our Strategy for Solutions

Tipping Point finds, funds, and strengthens the most promising poverty-fighting solutions so one day, everyone in the Bay Area can prosper.

~80 organizations received grant funding

Our team of experts rigorously vets every investment we make, ensuring we support solutions that will have the greatest impact.

Learn more

~$4.5M invested in management assistance

 We provide grantees with expert guidance on topics including leadership development, fundraising, and impact reporting.

Learn more

20 research reports produced to inform legislation

 We fund research on issues including foster care and public university admissions that lead to new ideas and policy changes.

Learn more


A promising future starts with a stable place to call home.

people housed

We invest in solutions that move people experiencing homelessness into safe, stable housing and prevent homelessness in the first place.

Our work provided 9,205 people with services that either helped them transition out of homelessness or prevented them from experiencing it.

61%of people

moved into a home after receiving housing services from grantees, compared with a rate of ~40% around the Bay Area.

86%of people

who grantees helped move into a home remained stably housed one year later.

96%of people

who received preventative support from grantees maintained their housing, compared with a rate of 90% across the Bay Area.

Every day, more people across the Bay Area are falling into homelessness than finding a path out of it. That’s why we and so many of our grantees are focusing on prevention: providing the right support at the right time to prevent homelessness in the first place.

Lara TannenbaumTipping Point Senior Program Officer, Housing
Lara Tannenbaum

A New Housing Option for Families in San Francisco

Tipping Point grantee Compass Family Services advances new solutions for San Francisco families.

Compass Family Services provides life-changing housing and homelessness services such as temporary shelter and rental assistance to an often-overlooked demographic: families. Compass’ advocacy efforts highlighting the issue of family homelessness led the City of San Francisco to make a historic investment in solutions, paving the way for the opening of Compass’ first long-term family housing program in 2023.

This year, 113 Compass clients, including 66 children, moved into The Margot on Mission Street, a new housing complex with dedicated on-site resources including childcare and employment support.


A college degree opens doors to economic prosperity.

college graduation rate

We invest in solutions that increase the number of low-income and first-generation Bay Area students who graduate from college.

Despite serving students with higher needs who face more barriers to graduation, our grantees have successfully matched the statewide graduation rate.

95%of high school graduates

served by grantees enrolled in college.

81%of students

served by grantees stayed enrolled after their first year of college, compared to 73% of all college students in California.

150,000low-income college students

who were at risk of losing critical scholarships had their financial aid protected thanks to grantee advocacy.

Individualized Coaching to Support Students Through Graduation

Tipping Point grantee Beyond 12 is scaling innovative approaches to give college students the support they need to succeed.

First-generation college students face unique challenges that can get in the way of their efforts to earn a college degree. Beyond 12 has a creative solution: providing personalized coaching, insights on progress, reminders, and rewards via an app that supports students all the way through graduation. Beyond 12 joined our portfolio as a startup in 2015, and thanks in part to our consistent funding and customized support, has grown to a nationwide leader serving almost 150,000 students since its founding.

Last year, Beyond 12 doubled its goal of students served, supporting 15,000 students across the Bay Area.


As a first-generation college graduate myself, I believe students know best what they need to succeed. Beyond 12 was born directly from student feedback about the challenges they face and the solutions they want to see.

Alex BernadotteCEO, Beyond 12
Alex Bernadotte


A thriving career gives families the opportunity to flourish.

complete job training programs

We invest in solutions that support people to acquire the skills, training, and experience to advance their careers and wages.

78% of people successfully complete our grantees’ job training programs, compared with a 54% completion rate for similar job training programs across the state.

$27/houraverage wage

within six months of completing a grantee job training program, 8% more than the average living wage across the counties we serve.

89%of clients surveyed

were still in their jobs one year after placement.

Pathways Toward Brighter Careers for Immigrants + Refugees

Tipping Point grantee Upwardly Global breaks down employment barriers for immigrant and refugee professionals to unlock brighter futures.

When Au moved to the Bay Area from Vietnam, she left behind a flourishing career at Unilever to pursue a new future in our region. But when her education and credentials didn’t transfer over, she took the only job she could find: working as an interpreter earning minimum wage. Support from Tipping Point has helped grantee Upwardly Global serve thousands of refugees and immigrants like Au, who have a vast skill set to contribute to our economy but need tools to navigate the job market.

In 2023, nearly 100 immigrants and refugees enrolled in Upwardly Global’s Bay Area program landed new jobs, with average starting salaries of over $72,000.

For Au, the support she received from Upwardly Global helped her get a new job making $65,000 a year, putting her on a pathway to future career growth. She has continued to excel professionally and now makes triple her salary as a business strategy manager at a start-up.


At Upwardly Global, we know that a person’s reality today says nothing about their potential tomorrow. Tipping Point understands that too—and their flexible funding helps us meet the skyrocketing demand for skilled workers.

Jina Krause-VilmarCEO, Upwardly Global
Jina Krause-Vilmar

Early Childhood

The first few years of a child’s life lay the groundwork for their future success.

of babies immunized

We invest in solutions that support families, caregivers, and children (ages 0-3) to reach essential child developmental outcomes.

Of babies born to people served by our grantees, 93% are fully immunized by age one. Nationally, 61% of children from a similar socioeconomic background are fully immunized.

90%of infants

were born at a target weight, putting them on track to meet healthy development milestones.

70%of parents

served by grantees gained skills and knowledge to better support their young children.

Those ‘firsts’ that parents get so excited about—first steps, first day at school, first bite of solid food—are more than just tender moments. They are crucial milestones that build the foundation for the rest of a child’s life. Those milestones are what Tipping Point and our grantees build toward, setting children on the path to success starting at birth.

Kara DukakisTipping Point Senior Program Officer, Early Childhood
Kara Dukakis

Expanding Proven Solutions That Help Young Children Thrive

Tipping Point grantee ParentChild+ brings proven solutions to the Bay Area to better serve children and families.

Sourcing quality childcare is a challenge most working parents face. While some families access childcare through formal centers, over 7 million children nationally receive childcare from home-based providers—which includes licensed providers operating out of their homes as well as family members, friends, or neighbors. It is frequently relied on as the most affordable and convenient option for low-income families and those looking for a provider with a specific cultural or language background. But despite home-based care meeting the needs of low-income Californians, it is often overlooked and under-resourced. Many providers don’t have access to professional development or early education training that’s typically offered in higher-resourced centers.

To fill this gap, Tipping Point grantee ParentChild+ launched a program new to the Bay Area that gives home-based providers resources, guidance, and professional learning opportunities designed specifically for home-based childcare. The 24-week training curriculum offers providers individualized support from a specialist and peer collaboration opportunities, ensuring the young children they serve receive enriching care and meet critical development milestones. In its pilot year, ParentChild+ served nearly 70 children through its training program for home-based providers and is on track to serve XXX children in 2024.

Scaling Impact Through Policy Change

Creating New Pathways for Affordable Housing

Our Work

Tipping Point grantee Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California co-sponsored new legislation (SB4) making it legal for faith-based institutions and nonprofit colleges to build affordable, multi-family homes on lands they own.

​​WHY THIS MATTERS: Amid a massive affordable housing crisis, land that could be used for housing often sits empty due to local zoning laws that get in the way of development—and rezoning land for housing purposes can be a lengthy and expensive legal process.

Helping Community College Students Earn Their Degrees

Remedial college courses were designed to help students who are deemed unprepared for college-level coursework—often based on standardized test results—to develop skills like reading and math. Many colleges require these courses but do not count them as credits toward graduation. While intended to ensure students succeed in college, remedial courses often do the opposite—delaying or altogether ending the educational progress of many low-income students of color in California.


Tipping Point grantee EdTrust-West’s recommendations were reflected in legislation (AB 1705) that limits the use of remedial course requirements and helps community college students, especially Black and Latinx students, graduate.

Expected Impact

~350,000 Bay Area community college students

will have a clearer, faster path to earning a college degree.

Removing Barriers to Better Paying Jobs

Undocumented workers are some of the lowest paid in California, often trapped in low-wage jobs with little opportunity for growth. And while apprenticeships and internship programs are a proven way to lift workers into higher-paying, quality jobs, undocumented people don’t always have equal access to these opportunities.


Tipping Point grantee California EDGE Coalition successfully advocated for legislation (SB 467) that allows undocumented community college students to use alternative forms of identification like an individual tax identification number (ITIN) to satisfy application requirements for apprenticeship or internships programs.

Expected Impact

50,000-70,000 undocumented students enrolled in California community colleges

will have greater access to apprenticeship or internship programs that can help them secure promising careers after graduation.

Caring for the Emotional Needs of Young Children

Historically, California’s healthcare system has only covered therapy for children with a mental health diagnosis, leaving out very young children who don’t yet have severe enough symptoms to warrant a diagnosis but could benefit from early preventative interventions.


Tipping Point grantee First 5 Center for Children’s Policy successfully advocated for a four-year, $800M Medi-Cal benefit that provides preventative family therapy for young children and their caregivers—regardless of diagnosis.

Expected Impact

~2.4 million children

in Medi-Cal will have better access to mental health treatment.

Gifts committed between July 1, 2022–June 30, 2023


Anonymous (3)

Crankstart Foundation

Mimi & Peter Haas Fund

Lyna Lam and Chris Larsen

Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation

Visa Foundation

$500,000 - $999,999


Abby and Egon Durban

The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

Dennis Phelps

Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation

Grace and Steven Voorhis

The Anne Wojcicki Foundation

$250,000 - $499,999


Katherine August-deWilde and David deWilde

Arrow Impact

Seth Boro and Jen Hamilton

Michelle Boyers

Devon and Pete Briger

Shashi and Dipanjan (“DJ”) Deb

The Dolby Family

Keith and Priscilla Geeslin

Bradley and Chris James

Beth and Oliver Jenkyn

Max and Nellie Levchin

Jordana and Mason Morfit

Katie and Matt Paige

JaMel and Tom Perkins Family Foundation

Denise and Dave Smith Charitable Fund

Ben and Leah Spero

Trujillo Family Foundation

Vance Wall Foundation

Alan and Charlotte Waxman

Danielle and Jed York

$100,000 - $249,999


The Barbara J. Barr Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Bay Grove Capital LLC

Andrew and Carolyn Chatham

Adam Clammer and Kate Harbin Clammer

Marilyn A. Conrad Revocable Trust


Bill and Tammy Crown

Margo and Sunil Dhaliwal

John H.N. Fisher and Jennifer Caldwell


Ironwood Capital Management

Kathleen and Ted Janus

Sara Johnson Kerrest and Frederic Kerrest

Justice, Justice Foundation

Kaitlyn and Mike Krieger

The Laluyaux Foundation

Bob McDowell

John and Meredith Meeks

Katie and Steven L. Merrill

Heather and Oleg Nodelman

Bill and Susan Oberndorf

Amanda and Chris Peiffer

Matthew and Stacy Perry


Ruth E. and David G. Plant Charitable Fund

Qatalyst Partners


Ariadna and Brian Ruder

Maya and Ned Segal

Danielle and Gil Simon

Annice Kenan Smith

SoMa Equity

Ann and Joe Stockwell

Stuart Foundation


The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation


$50,000 - $99,999

Anonymous (6)

Marten Abrahamsen and Jane Dunlevie

Craig Allison and Susan Shipley


Another Planet Entertainment

The Louis L. Borick Foundation

Angela and Scott Crabill

Catherine and John Debs

The Eltoukhy Family

Joelle Emerson and Aaron Levie

Michael Firmin and Jennifer Tejada

Randi and Bob Fisher

Ali and Rocky Fried

Jon Gans and Abby Turin

Kirsten and Michael Green

James H. Greene Jr.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and Arno Harris

Jay and Michaela Hoag

Puja and Samir Kaul

Rahul Kishore and Neha Shah

Caroline Fromm Lurie and Rabbi Brian Lurie

Daniel Lurie and Becca Prowda

Bill and Ursula Moffett


Alec and Serena Perkins


Shreya Oswal Ramakrishnan and Sid Ramakrishnan

Jake and Robin Reynolds

Gerald and Jenny Risk

Eric Roberts Foundation

Brett and Rivi Rochkind

Gabe and Melissa Santos

Nadir and Sobia Shaikh

Silver Lake

G. Christopher and Shanon Smith

Dorian Stone

Jim and Susan Swartz

$25,000 - $49,999

Anonymous (2)

181 Fremont

Sabrina Adriani and Jeremy Scherer

Ravin and Alka Agrawal

Mickey Arabelovic and Karla Gallardo

Cori and Tony Bates

Ethan Beard and Wayee Chu

Darren and Samantha Bechtel

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Susan Blanco and Bill Lewis

Ben and Jocelyn Blumenfeld

Bright Funds Foundation

Kathryn Burge and Scott Eidson

Herald and Mei Chen

Jason Cheng and Eurie Kim

Alan Clifford and Molly Graham

Sam Cobbs and Lavonna Martin

The Costolo Family Foundation

Brian Davis and Michelle Gill

Lauren Davis and Bill Heil

Cowan Davis Charitable Fund

Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie

Kathleen Egan and Rod Ferguson

The Ford Family

Gap Inc.

Alex and Leslie Gleser

Marcia and John Goldman

Goldman Sachs

Ann and Jason Green

Brandi and Charles Hudson

Hunter Family Foundation

The James Irvine Foundation

Jordan Park

JPMorgan Chase

Dan Kalafatas and Hadley Mullin

Karen and Gregory King

Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Andrew and Lauren Kowal

James and Katherine Lau

Levi Strauss & Co

Karen and Ronnie Lott

Lurie and Vogelsong Charitable Fund

Christopher and Nancy Meyer

Jenny Baxter Moser and Matthew Moser

Maryam and Oran Muduroglu

The Nussbacher Family

The PG&E Corporation Foundation

Michael and Paula Rantz Foundation

Susan and Michael Schwartz

Ash and Parul Somani

Spectrum Equity

The Barry and Mimi Sternlicht Foundation

Brian and Cynthia White

Whitman Harsh Fund

Andrew and Angelique Wilson

$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (7)

The Altman 2011 Charitable Lead Trust

Francesca and Jeff Amann

The AMD Family Fund

Lisa Anderson and Ian Curry

Richard Barker

The Bartlett Foundation

Johanna and Tom Baruch

Elena Batalla and Daniel Little

Clay and Kelly Bavor

Lily and Tom Beischer

Bezos Family

Jennifer Bienaimé and Josh Fiedler

Jeff and Julie Brody

Chris and Nina Buchbinder

Jackson Buttles and Ali Sonsini Buttles

Joseph Camarda

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Belle and Wences Casares

J. Scott Case

Bruce Cohen and Gale Mondry

Amy and Drew Curby

Dalio Education

Patricia and Angelos Dassios


Phil Deutch and Marne Levine

DivcoWest Real Estates Services LLC

Douglas Durkin

The Dye Family

Danelle and Matthew Ebbel

Nancy and Phil Estes

The Evans Family

Jill and Rick Fair

Brian Feinstein and Rachel Liebert

Donald and Tomoko Fortune

Mariana Fraga and Saul Kato

Frank-Linn Family Charitable Fund

David and Kristin George

John and Marcia Goldman Foundation

Steven Golubchik and Lindsay Lasalle

Susan Greenleaf and Jeff Whipps

Colleen and Robert D. Haas

Catherine and Rob Hale

Kathryn Hall and Tom Knutsen

Doug and Leni Herst

Ross and Vicky Hiatt

Heather and Jony Ive

Jackson Square Ventures

Stefanie Jay and Matthew Kim

Lynn Jurich and Brad Murray

Brandon Keefe and Jenn Latimer

J.C. Kellogg Foundation

Derek Kennedy and Nona Lim

Klingbeil Family Foundation

Gary Kovacs

Kimberly Lawrence

Betty Lin

Chris Lord

Spike and Vanessa Loy

LSP Family Foundation

Anja and Greg Manuel

Tara Mark and Geoff Oltmans

Justin and Kathleen McCarthy

Christina and Mick McGuire

Meadow Fund

Vera and Kenneth Meislin

Aston and Aushlee Motes

Hany and Mary Nada

Madhu and Radhika Namburi

Anthony and Kristin Noto

The O’Dea Family Charitable Fund

Wayne Osborne and Greg Price

Krutika and Rajiv Patel

Annette Blum Pearson and Mike Pearson

Beverly Picardo, Kai and Gabriella Gibson

Catherine and Michael Podell

Mark Risher and Deborah Yeh Charitable Fund

Nancy P. and Richard K. Robbins Family Foundation

Pat and Tina Robertson

San Francisco 49ers Foundation

Jackie and Jeff Schaffer

Schauble Family Foundation

Beatrix and Michael Seidenberg

Bekah Sexton and AJ Shankar

Bessie and Bill Seybold

Dylan Todd Simonds Foundation

Jamie and Staci Slaughter

Liz and Alex Smith

Sobrato Family Foundation

Andrea and Jason Spero

Andy and Ashley Stewart

Sherry Suisman

Ellen and Steven Taylor

David and Meredith Thacker

Katie and Todd Traina

Christina and Doug Tudor

Dave and Sue Tunnell

Mary and Jerome Vascellaro

Gerald and Lucie Weissman

Jake and Courtney Welch

WPW Foundation

Barb and Steve Young

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (5)

Nathan Aleman and Julie Aleman

Adam and Molly Bain

Adam and Rebecca Ballew

Ruth Berggren

Tony Bernhardt and Lynn Feintech

Andrew and Rana Brown

Ross Sappenfield and Laura Brugger

Sarah Chandler and Matt Theobald


Jaime Chen

Chris Cooney and Sarah Marriott

Jackie and Michael Crown

Nicole and Peter Dawes

Chris and Lara Deam

Colin Denman

Jennifer Hyde and Michael Dodo

Chuck Doud

Jamie Durrani and Ann Wang

Margaret Edson-Smith

Adam Eyre and Aly Wagner

Franco Famularo

First Republic Bank

John and Laura Fisher

Caroline Fitz-Roy

Jackson Gates

Alan Ghelberg and Elizabeth Whitman

Tanneasha Gordon

Craig and Haley Grevelding

Gabby and Peter Hébert

Danielle and Pete Jensen

Alexander and Ridhima Kahn

Kessler Family Foundation of The Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

Susan Ketcham

Christopher and Katie Knight

Ashutosh and Tiffany Kulkarni

Adriel Lares and Yvette Tom

Marisa LaVallee and Cyrus Sanandaji

The LeSieur Family

Alexander Fromm Lurie

John and Linda Lynch

Jennifer and Paraag Marathe

Karl Matthies Fund

Debra McCoy

Adam and Jennifer McDonough

Mark Mirhashemi and Emily Ramey

The Mironov Charitable Fund

Mark and Tamara Murray

Dan Newman and Amber Reed

Peterson Family Fund

Piper Sandler Company

Jenny and Luke Proskine

Lindsay and Alex Ramsay

Corby and Lexi Reese

Alice and Benjamin Reiter

Andrea and Tarek Robbiati

William Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Rosekrans

Scott Rubin

Alison and Stephen Sanger

Emily Scott

Sequoia Living

Kyle and Mandy Shanahan

Jessica Silverman and Sarah Thornton

Cinthia and Tal Simon

Bipul Sinha and Radhika Vullikanti

Julie Skaff

Allison and Dave Solomon

Bill Soward

Charles Spalding and Emilie Sutherland

Rachael and Sean St Germain

Cathy and Sean Stannard-Stockton

Jasmine and Rob Tarkoff

ValueAct Capital

David and Sue Viniar

Claudia and Nic Volpi

Chris and Steve Wilsey

Gwennie and Lee Wittlinger

Jenny Yip and Michael M. Kim

Maxine and John Zarrow Family Foundation

Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter and Mark Zitter

$2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous (5)

Adelante Capital Management LLC

Cathleen Ahearn

Jerry Chen

Sam Cobbs and Lavonna Martin

Aly and Eli Cohen

Andy and Melissa Cohen

Kelli Cullinane

Bryan Duquette and Morgan Clements

Charles Eggert

The Elfman Family Trust

Maxwell Fredkin

David A. Friedman and Paulette J. Meyer

Bob and Michelle Friend

Kimberly and Jonathan Garfinkel

Nancy and Richard Goldcamp

Joel Goodrich

Carolyn and Johnny Griffin

Mark and Ivor Horn

Chris and Patty Hubbard

Bixby Jamison

Anne Marie and Jeffrey Katz

Michael Kerbey

Karen and Liam Krehbiel

Darren Kuiper and Sonia Lurie

David LaHorgue

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Chemien Lo

Alex Mandel

Maple Leaf Giving

Steven Miller

Meridee Moore

Amrit and Ritu Nagpal

Javi and Minna Naranjo

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Brian and Natasha Radics

Susannah Raub

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Eric and Jessica Spaly

Lisa Spinali

Brian and Lisa Sugar

Erik S. Tarloff and Laura D. Tyson

Beth and Blake Thompson

Tim and Julie Van Voris

VMWare Foundation

Roshun Vyas

Anna Walker

Wetherby Asset Management

Ryan Wilsey

Winged Keel

Andrew Zloto and Amy Woodrum

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (8)

Barbara and Fred Abbott

Meha and Kunal Thadani Agrawal

Sheila Aharoni

Alicia and Eric Allbin

Andra and Nick Arevalo

Nick Augustino and Curt Kirschner

Jamie Austin and Ray Schreiber

Courtney and Mark Azad

Peter and Victoria Bailey

Gary Barg and Ross Jackson

Jennifer and Nicholas Bartle

Anna Baxter and Evan Ginsburg

Helen Bechtel

Rod Begbie

Cyrus and Katie Behroozi

Michele and Scott Bell

Andrew Bender

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Erik Bowen

Box Inc.

Derick Brown

Anne Marie Burgoyne and Brad Roberts

Robert Burwell and Auburn Daily

Dr. Christine Carter and Mark Millstein

Jerde Castor Family

Kate Ceremsak and Alden Seabolt

Richard Chiburis

Kathleen and Michael Chui

Tom Coates and Sarah Stuckey

James Cole

Amanda Cundiff and Gregory Freemon

Andy and Beth Daecher

Leif Dautch and Brittany Peterson

Ashley and Nick deWilde

Patricia Swig Dinner

Anthony Dorie

Stuart Douglas

DuBose Family Fund

Maria Echaveste and Chris Edley

Ensemble Capital Management LLC

The Fan Family

The Alexandra and David Farber Fund

Allyson and Kent Ferguson

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Fraenkel Gallery

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LMNRP Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation

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Allison Satre Manzari Charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada

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Kevin and Nelli Perkins

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University of San Francisco

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< $500

Anonymous (4)

Cindy Abrams

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