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North Bay fire aftermath

Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund

PUBLISHED: Oct 14, 2017

In response to this tragedy, Tipping Point’s CEO + Founder, Daniel Lurie, shared this note with the entire Tipping Point Community.

It’s been a devastating week. The fires in the North Bay have taken lives, decimated homes and leveled entire neighborhoods. To serve low-income communities most impacted by this tragedy, we are launching the Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund.

True to Tipping Point’s approach, 100% of what you give will go to where it is needed most. We are working with organizations closest to the front lines, including service providers and community foundations, to ensure that your dollars are used quickly and wisely.

This is a crisis of epic proportions. We know this is going to affect where people live, work and go to school. And, we know that low-income communities will face a long, steep climb back to firm ground.

The events of this week are a powerful reminder of how much we need each other. We could not do this work without you and we are deeply grateful for your trust and support.

All my best,


To contribute to the Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund, click here.

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