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Large fund raising event seen from above.

Tipping Point raises $16 million in record-breaking evening

PUBLISHED: May 05, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO — Last night, more than 1,200 people came together to fight poverty in the Bay Area at Tipping Point Community’s 11th annual Benefit. The event raised $16 million, which will go to the most effective non-profits in education, housing, employment and family wellness across the Bay Area.

Tipping Point’s Board of Directors funds 100% of the organization’s operating costs, allowing every dollar donated last night to go where it’s needed most. This investment comes at a critical time in the Bay Area, when 1.3 million people are too poor to meet their basic needs and 22,000 are homeless on any given night.

“We have to deliver on our vision,” Chris James, Tipping Point Board Chair told guests. “We have to own the impact we’re having on our community. There is absolutely nothing progressive about 1 in 5 people living in poverty.”

Guests heard live stories from three young people who have graduated from Tipping Point-supported programs and photographer Travis Jensen contributed portraits of others whose lives have been impacted by the organization’s work to date.

“I lived in a foster care home for 13 years where I was barely comfortable taking off my shoes or coat,” Darryl McDavid, one of the evening’s speakers, recounted. “I felt completely alone. But I was fortunate to have a few teachers and a case manager who helped me realize that my success was up to me.” McDavid spoke to the value of First Place for Youth, an organization that helps young people transition out of foster care. Today, McDavid works at Comerica Bank in the private equity branch.

At the end of the evening, CEO + Founder, Daniel Lurie delivered an emotional and powerful call to action. “Listen deliberately,” he said. “We all numb ourselves to what’s happening around us. But I challenge you, every once in awhile, go for a walk and observe,” said Lurie. “Then there does come a time when you’ve listened enough. You’ve gathered the information you need. Then you must commit. You must act.”

The event was co-chaired by Amy Banse and Joe Dworetzky, Nadine Burke Harris and Arno Harris, Joe Gebbia, and Emily and Brian Slingerland.

Renowned event designer, Stanlee Gatti, created the perfect environment for guests. The theme, XO Factor, explored the people, places and things that have had the greatest impact on on our lives.

Guests sipped on themed cocktails created by Rye and were treated to a surprise performance by Daveed Diggs who played the role of Thomas Jefferson in the original cast of Hamilton on Broadway.

The auction, led by Tobias Meyer, featured an opportunity to see U2’s The Joshua Tree Tour show at Levi’s Stadium and unlocked a block of 50 tickets for clients and frontline staff from Tipping Point-funded organizations. A second auction package featured a trip to London for a behind-the-scenes tour of the new Han Solo movie, including a meet and greet with directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

The event is San Francisco’s largest in the fight against poverty. It was catered by Paula Le Duc and the evening was topped off by an after-party concert from Phoenix and DJ Ruckus.


Tipping Point Community fights poverty in the Bay Area. They screen non-profits rigorously to identify and invest in the most effective education, employment, housing and family wellness organizations. In addition, Tipping Point looks for opportunities to partner with the public sector to leverage its impact for the common good. Since 2005, Tipping Point has raised more than $140 million and helped put 23,000 people on the path out of poverty in the last year alone. It’s board covers 100% of operating costs, so every dollar donated goes where it’s needed most.

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