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Quynh-Chi Tran

PUBLISHED: May 24, 2023

Born in the Bay Area to immigrant parents, Quynh-Chi feels privileged to have the opportunity to work for Tipping Point to help give back to the diverse community that raised her. She is passionate about empowering the voices of our most vulnerable neighbors and making the Bay Area a more inclusive space for all. Prior to joining Tipping Point, Quynh-Chi worked at the San Francisco Ballet as the Major Gifts Coordinator and was a member of the IDEA Board. Quynh-Chi received her BA in Planning, Public Policy, and Management (PPPM) and Music with a concentration in Arts Management at the University of Oregon.

In her free time, Quynh-Chi enjoys buying more groceries than her kitchen can fit, romanticizing her life while taking public transportation, and trying to convince her friends to go with her to see whatever live performance she thinks sounds interesting.