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Departments: Employment

  • Meg Thomas

    Meg is a mission-driven leader with experience in amplifying impact through partnerships and collaboration. She brings deep expertise in leading…

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  • Rohit Naimpally

    Rohit joined Tipping Point because it marries a moral imperative to serve the Bay Area community with a commitment to meaningful…

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    Staff member Rohit Naimpally wearing a grey shirt posing on a San Francisco street.
  • Bing Wang

    Bing is honored and humbled to be able to apply her research, business intelligence, and data analytics experience in support…

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  • Talia Nagar

    Talia comes to Tipping Point Community with a wealth of non-profit program development and management experience. Most recently, she was…

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  • Leslie Eme

    Prior to joining Tipping Point, Leslie spent 10 years leading programs and strategic operations in the nonprofit and education sectors.…

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  • Ali Sutton

    Ali joined Tipping Point to more directly serve her community while also continuing to work on the critical system changes necessary…

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  • Julie Lo

    Julie joined Tipping Point because of her belief that the right continuum of person-centered, trauma-informed services to address multiple domains…

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